Rapid weight gain early Pregnancy Tips

Pregnancy is an amazing and beautiful period in your life, and rapid weight gain early pregnancy is most desirable. Because you are waiting till the moment where the little bundle of joy will join with your family and, you should also have a solid understanding of how to deal with the different changes that will take place in your body during pregnancy period as well.

One of the most remarkable changes that will happen to your body during the pregnancy period is rapid weight gain. You will have to experience how you are gaining around 5 to 10 pounds per week during early pregnancy. You don’t need to worry too much about this rapid weight gain. It is entirely natural, and it takes place due to a reason.

That’s because you need to make sure that your body is in a position to support the newborn baby. Otherwise, you will not be able to support and welcome the newborn baby accordingly. Hence, you need to keep realistic expectations in your mind about weight gain that you are experiencing and move forward with it.

Your Body Is Amazing - Rapid weight gain early pregnancy

1. Your Body Is Amazing

During the pregnancy period, you will be nurturing a new life. Therefore, you don’t need to worry too much about the changes that take place in the body image. All you have to do is to follow where your body will lead you.

In addition to that, you will need to trust that you are gaining the right amount of weight. You should trust your body, and you should allow it to go ahead with the appropriate changes. Then you can enjoy the excitement that comes along with it in the long run. Nothing to worry about rapid weight gain early pregnancy.

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2. Recommended Rapid Weight Gain Early Pregnancy

recommended weight for early pregnancy

According to expert doctors, the recommended pregnancy weight gain amount is between 25 pounds and 35 pounds. Gaining this amount to your body weight is entirely reasonable, and you don’t need to worry too much about it. You will be achieving that weight to support your baby and the development of the baby.

If you are underweight, you need to know that this is not the right amount of body weight that you should gain. It would help if you thought of rapid weight gain early pregnancy when you are underweight.

Hence, you need to take a look at the appropriate measures that will help you to rapid weight gain early pregnancy. On the other hand, you should also check whether you are overweight. If you are overweight, you need to make sure that you are gaining less weight than what is recommended here.

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3. When Should You Gain Pregnancy Weight?

Many different reasons are available for you to think about gaining pregnancy weight. According to healthcare experts, you should gain around 1 to 5 pounds during the very first trimester. From that point onwards, you should be gaining around one pound per week until the end of the pregnancy.

Some of the women are not experiencing any weight gain at all during pregnancy’s first trimester. This is normal, as well. Hence, you don’t need to worry too much about it as well.

Besides, it has been found that some other women tend to gain around 10 pounds during the very first trimester. This is quite normal, as well. If you are experiencing such a rapid weight gain early pregnancy or more precisely during the first trimester of pregnancy, you will experience a slow gain of pregnancy for the rest of your pregnancy.

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4. How Is Pregnancy Weight Distributed?

It is better if you can have a basic understanding of how pregnancy weight is distributed as well. Then you will be able to remain informed about all the changes that are taking place within the body during pregnancy period.

Most of the weight will be stored in the body as fat. This fat will be consumed when you are breastfeeding the newborn child. This amount will be equivalent to around 5 to 10 pounds of body weight as well.

Your blood supply will also be increased by around 50% during pregnancy. This will be equivalent to approximately 4 pounds of body weight as well.

The uterus will grow big during pregnancy. This will accumulate a considerable amount of body weight that you are gathering as well. It will hold up to 2 or more pounds of body weight.

You shouldn’t ignore the weight of the baby when you are considering how weight is distributed in your body throughout pregnancy. Your baby will weigh around 7 to 8 pounds.

The breast tissues will also contribute towards around 2-3 pounds of the total body weight that you are increasing during pregnancy period.

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5. How Do I Stick to a Healthy Pregnancy Weight Gain?

You need to make sure that you are healthily gaining weight throughout pregnancy. This is where you should consume real food. It would be best if you made sure that all the food that you consume is rich in appropriate nutrients.

In addition to that, you should also consume lots of fat. Here, you must ensure that you are consuming unsaturated fats, which do not create a negative impact on your body. Then you will be able to support the overall weight gaining process of the body as well.

One of the best methods available for you to ensure that you are healthily gaining weight is to stick to an appropriate guide. Then you will be able to understand the things that you should do and something that you should not do.

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6. Do Not Diet During Pregnancy!

do not diet while pregnant

Most importantly, you need to make it confirm you are not dieting during the pregnancy period. Dieting during pregnancy can lead you towards many dangerous situations. Therefore, you shouldn’t be dieting at all. Pregnancy will be a time where you should be focusing on losing weight.

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When do you start gaining rapidly?

In the last trimester of pregnancy, there is most rapid weight gain. There is, on average, a weight gain of about 10 to 14 pounds each month. In this time period, a woman puts on about a pound weight a week due to the gain in the weight and increase in the size of the fetus.

During the final month, placenta formation and other changes in the woman’s body induce a rapid weight gain.

When do you gain the most weight during pregnancy?

Women gain weight the most during the third trimester (the last three months of pregnancy). This is because the fetus gains the weight during this time period. Also, the fetus grows in size due to which the mother gains too much weight. According to a calculation, the fetus grows about 6 inches in the last trimester. Due to amniotic fluid, placenta formation etc. weight of the mother increases.

What foods should we eat to support healthy weight gain?

During pregnancy, you need to consume extra nutrients for the fetus. So you should intake healthy products including dairy products providing calcium and protein. Yogurt is best in this regard. Others include leafy green vegetables, eggs, sweet potatoes, and berries. Moreover, avocadoes, dried fruits, and whole grains are also nutritious. Legumes obtained from plants provide a great amount of fiber.

Final Words

Make it confirm that you are aware of the rapid weight gain early pregnancy that you will have to experience. Then you will be able to provide the support that is needed by the body for a healthy delivery.

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