Understanding Reasons For Unexplained Weight Gain

Unexplained weight gain is not an uncommon condition that you can find out there in the world. Lots of people become victims of it. You should be alarmed about the reasons for unexplained weight gain, as well.

That’s because it would establish some underlying health conditions present in your body at certain times. Therefore, you need to have a quick understanding of the factors, which can lead you to unexplained weight gain. 

The following are the most common conditions, which lead people to unexplained weight gain. Depending on your situation, and based on what you experience, you can pick the exact reasons for unexplained weight gain that led you towards sudden weight gain.

1. Changes in the diet 

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Changes in the food are the most prominent reasons for unexplained weight gain. When you are consuming a healthy and well-balanced meal, you will be able to keep your weight at a healthy range. But when you switch from it to the consumption of pre-processed junk food, you will be getting in lots of calories into the body.

It can lead you towards unexplained gain in weight. You need to take a look back in history and figure out what changes took place in your diet. Then you will be able to understand better the exact reasons for unexplained weight gain as well.

2. Pregnancy 

During pregnancy, a variety of changes would happen in your body. It can also be another prominent factor, which can lead you towards sudden changes in weight. If you are pregnant, this can be the most significant factor behind your sudden increase in weight. 

You can find lots of pregnant women who keep on consuming more food, just because they want to support the growth of the baby. On the other hand, the changes that take place within the body can also force women to put on a lot of weight during pregnancy. It would further accelerate when the baby is growing.

The extra weight would not just come from the baby. Some other factors, such as amniotic fluid and placenta, can also contribute towards the weight of a pregnant mom. Along with that, an increased supply of blood would also be a determining factor behind sudden weight gain.

3. Changes in hormones 

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Menopause is a condition that women who are between 40 to 55 years will have to go through. During menopause, lots of changes in hormones would take place within the female body. It can also lead you to unexplained weight gain. 

During the reproductive years of a woman, the body releases estrogen hormone. This hormone is also responsible for regulating ovulation and menstruation. However, the production of estrogen hormone would decline along with age. When menopause takes place, the estrogen level within the body would be too low to cause menstruation.

When the amount of estrogen is low, and as a result of menopause, women will tend to experience a weight gain near the hips and abdominal region. It can also contribute to unexplained weight gain among women.

4. Menstruation 

Menstruation will also be able to contribute a lot towards unexplained weight gain in women. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that periodic weight gain can happen through the menstruation process. During menstruation, women will have to experience bloating and water retention. It takes place usually during the time of the period.

When the estrogen hormone level is changing, the progesterone hormone will play a significant role. It can lead women to gain weight. In here, you will have to experience an increase in weight for a couple of pounds. Due to the same reason, it can also be a prominent factor behind unexplained weight gain.

This weight gain can only happen during the menstruation period. It would not occur along with time. However, the sudden weight gain would reappear during the next month, when the menstrual period begins. In some of the instances, this weight gain can take place during ovulation as well.

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5. Fluid retention

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Unexplained weight gain can also take place due to fluid retention. You need to be mindful of this as well. It can lead you towards a condition that is known as fluid swelling. In scientific and medical terms, this is called edema.

When you become a victim of edema, your hands, limbs, face, and feet would look swollen. In addition to that, there is a high possibility for your abdomen area to look swollen as well. 

It is a common health condition that can happen to people who are dealing with kidney disease, heart failure, and liver disease. In addition to that, people who take certain medications will also be at risk of this kind of unexpected weight gain within a short time.

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6. Medications 

There is a high possibility for medicine to play a significant role in unexplained weight gain, as well. For example, people who are consuming medications for depression have a higher chance of ending up with it. In addition to antidepressants, corticosteroids can also lead people towards sudden weight gain.

You should also be mindful of the birth control pills that you are consuming. If you notice that you have become a victim of sudden weight gain after the consumption of birth control pills, you are encouraged to take a look at the alternative methods of controlling pregnancy.

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FAQs On Reasons For Unexplained Weight Gain

I am underweight, shouldn’t unexplained weight gain good for me?

Unexplained weight gain is not always good as there may be some unidentified reason behind. You should have a proper check-up in such a case to identify the diseases, if any, and treat that timely. It may be good but you should always be prepared for the worst and have an examination to get rid of the doubt.

When should I be alarmed about fluid retention?

Fluid retention is not really dangerous but it can cause serious problems if left uncared for a long period of time. Swelling of feet or ankles or weight gain, cramping, headache and sometimes bloating in the stomach are some signs of fluid retention.

What medications increase weight?

There are a number of medicines that can cause weight gain. These include anti- depressants, medicines treating psychological issues and especially in many cases insulin therapy provoke a lot of weight gain.

When should I be worried about unexplained weight gain?

If unexplained weight gain continues, you should take it seriously and consult your doctor. This prolonged weight gain is alluding to some underlying health issue for example, diabetes, fluid retention, anemia or some other disease.

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Final Words On reasons for unexplained weight gain

These are some of the most obvious reasons for unexplained weight gain. As you can see, there is a high possibility for women to become the victim of unexplained weight gain when compared to men. However, men should not ignore the risk factor, as well.

Unexplained weight gain can sometimes create a negative impact on the overall health of people. Therefore, you should stay alert on your weight and the changes that take place in your body. Then you can overcome the troubles linked with it. 

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