Shoulder workouts for women To Strengthen Upper Body

Maintenance of weight is essential for both males and females to keep good health. If a person is obese, he can lose weight quickly. But here are a few people who talk about gaining weight. A lean and thin body doesn’t look attractive and valuable. A weak person feels tired and lazy all the time and cannot perform well in his life. That’s why Shoulder Workouts For Women to build up strength.

If you are underweight, you have to increase it to be active and healthy. If you increase the weight of your fat, it is relatively easy, but that will not be a healthy weight. To gain a healthy weight, muscle weight should be increased. 

Women don’t prefer to build a 6-pack muscular body, but having a beautifully toned body is their right. To create a beautiful athletic body, do shoulder workouts for women and eat a lot of protein. Here, we will tell you different shoulder workouts that will help you in gaining weight.  

The 15 Best Shoulder Workouts For women

Here are many exercises that you can do to strengthen your shoulders. But try to do those workouts that target shoulders and be helpful for other body parts. Start with the light exercises and then gradually go to the heavy ones. If you are a beginner in the gym, then don’t go for heavy workouts at the start.

If you don’t go to the gym, here are many exercises that you can do in your home. In addition, we have compiled a list of the best shoulder workouts that you can do easily to gain some weight and muscles. And you can do some of those workouts at home too. So do give them a check and follow them, if you want.

1. Dumbbell Raise to Pull-Apart

Dumbbell Raise To Pull-Apart

These shoulder workouts for women directly put the effect on the shoulders and upper chest area. It is a perfect workout to strengthen muscles from the front and side areas. You will have to follow the following instructions to do this exercise. 

  • You will need two dumbbells for this exercise. If you are a beginner, try to take light-weight dumbbells to be safe from any injury. 
  • Stand straight and pull the feet apart from each other. Also, keep your back stand and hang your hands down.
  • Grip the dumbbells tightly and carry them in a horizontal position, fist facing your thighs.
  • Now take the dumbbells upward, parallel to the ground, slightly bending the elbows to balance the pressure. Doing this part, inhale deeply. 
  • Now again, take your hands back to the starting point. 
  • Repeat the exercise and do 12 sets in 3 repetitions. 

2. Single-Arm Kettlebell Press

Single-Arm Kettlebell Press

This workout is done to strengthen the core, muscles, and upper body of women. A single-arm kettlebell press will help you to lift heavyweights. Follow these instructions for doing this exercise. 

  • Stand straight by keeping some distance between your feet. 
  • Carry a kettlebell in one hand and take it in the upward direction. When doing this, twist your arm, so the writing is facing forward. 
  • Now bend the arm and take the kettlebell behind your shoulder. Do this exercise slowly and bend the arm until the shoulder gets its full flexion. 
  • Then again, take the bell above the head by straightening your arm.
  • You also can bend your knees while taking the hand upward. But if you do it standing, it will be equally beneficial. 
  • Repeat the exercise several times.

3. Car Drivers

Car Drivers

Another one of the best shoulder workouts for women is Car Drivers. This exercise is also excellent for women to strengthen their shoulders to gain weight. Car drivers’ training will target the shoulders and upper chest portion of the body. Do this work out by following the given steps.

  • You will require a barbell plate for doing this exercise. Stand straight by keeping your back straight. You can bend your knees to maintain body balance. 
  • Hold the plate in both hands firmly. Hold the plate the same as you hold the stirring while driving. The arms must be straight, and the hands should face each other. 
  • Now rotate the barbell just like steering in one direction. Then repeat the step in the other direction. This exercise is just like rotating steering. That is why it is called car drivers.
  • Repeat the process in both directions several times. 

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4. Dumbbell Arm Circles

Dumbbell Arm Circles

That is a great exercise that will target the pectorals, core muscles, abdominal muscles, and shoulders. Follow these steps for doing this workout. 

  • You will need 2 dumbbells for doing this exercise. Stand straight and maintain some distance between the two feet. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and hang the arms on the sides of the legs.
  • Then slowly move hands upward and reach to the shoulder level.
  • Now move arms to the sides in a horizontal position. Make circles with your arms. Make circles in the clockwise and anticlockwise directions. Keep in mind that don’t bend your legs while doing this exercise to avoid pain and keep the chin slightly upward. 
  • Repeat making circles slowly and take the hands at starting position to give rest.
  • Do 12 repetitions and do 3 sets of exercises for both hands in both directions. 

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5. One-Arm External Rotation

One-Arm External Rotation

The next one of the best shoulder workouts for women is One-Arm External Rotation. This is another exercise that is very good for women to maintain healthy and muscular shoulders. Single-arm external rotation is the exercise for the arms and shoulders, chest, and upper back portion of the body. You can also do it as a warm-up exercise. Follow these steps for the exercise.

  • Tie an elastic band to a stiff surface and stand straight in front of that.
  • Keep your arms down and straight. Now raise one hand by moving the forearm portion, keeping the upper portion stationary.
  • Make an angle of 90 with the hand and grasp the elastic band.
  • Now stretch the band horizontally in both directions.
  • Repeat the exercise with the other hand also.

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6. Shoulder Press

Shoulder Press

Another one of the best shoulder workouts for women is Shoulder Press. It is also a practical workout to gain shoulder muscle weight, but you have to take precautions. You have to adjust your head position straight and keep the chest up while doing it. And it is recommended not to carry very heavyweight if you are a beginner. You can do it with dumbbells and with a bar. Instructions for doing this exercise are as follows.

  • Stand straight and keep a distance between your legs. You also can do it while sitting. Keep the back straight in both positions.
  • Hold dumbbells in both hands or if you want to do with the bar, hold it.
  • Now move your hand upward by making your arms straight.
  • Now take arms below, and bring dumbbells towards your shoulders. If you are doing it with a bar, then take the rod towards the chin.
  • Again, take the hands upward and repeat the exercise.

7. Banded Pull-Aparts

Banded Pull-Aparts

Next, one of the best shoulder workouts for women is Banded Pull-Aparts. Pull-apart is an exercise suitable for strengthening both shoulders but also improving body posture. For doing it, follow these steps. 

  • Stand straight and keep a distance of about 1 foot between the feet.
  • Take a resistance band or an elastic band in your hands. Take both hands at chest level and keep shoulders wide as you can.
  • Now, pull the band horizontally, taking hands away from each other. Take hands away as the elastic allows and then go back to the starting position. 
  • Don’t lower your arms and keep them at chest level during the whole workout. 
  • Do at least 15 repetitions of the exercise. 

8. Bent-Over Fly

Bent-Over Fly

Another one of the best shoulder workouts for women is Bent Over Fly. This exercise will make your shoulders strong and will help you in carrying heavyweights. It is also perfect for straightening the backbone and improving posture. Follow these steps for the exercise.

  • Take dumbbells for doing this exercise, and if you are doing it at home, you can take water bottles in both hands.
  • Now bond your body from the hips area and hang your arms downward. Your body must be parallel to the ground. If you can’t bend much, do it according to your stamina. 
  • Now, move both hands to the outside direction and make them straight horizontally in the air. I am again taking them back to the starting position. 
  • Repeat the exercise at least 15 times if you are a beginner.

9. Kneeling One-Arm Shoulder Press

Kneeling One-Arm Shoulder Press

Next, one of the best shoulder workouts for women is the Kneeling One-Arm Shoulder Press. Kneeling One-Arm Shoulder Press is a fantastic exercise for building shoulder muscles and strengthening them. It will also help in stabilizing the core, back, and hips. You can do this exercise by following these simple instructions.

  • You have to sit on one knee by keeping your back straight. Bend one leg at a 90 angle and touch the knee on the ground. And put the other foot straight on the ground, making the thigh area straight and parallel to the floor.
  • Now take the dumbbell in one hand and hang the arm.
  • Now raise your arm, taking it to shoulder level, fist towards your face.
  • Take the hand above your head and make it straight.
  • Again take the hand downward, making an angle of 90 from the shoulder. Again take it upward.
  • Repeat it 15 times for each arm. 

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10. Neutral Grip Shoulder Press

Neutral Grip Shoulder Press

Another one of the best shoulder workouts for women is Neutral Grip Shoulder Press. This workout is good for the front and side shoulders, biceps, and wrist areas. It is a simple exercise that you can do by following these instructions. 

  • You will have to do the exercise while standing. Hold the dumbbells of suitable weight in both hands. 
  • Now, take the arms upward at shoulder level. Both the fists must face each other and elbows pointing forward by making an angle of 90 between the forearm and upper arm. 
  • Now move the arm upward by making it straight, stretching from the shoulder, hold the arm for 2 to 3 seconds. 
  • Take it back to the 90 angle position slowly. Repeat the exercise about 15 to 20 times for both arms. 

11. Landmine Press

Landmine Press

It is an ideal exercise for increasing the movement of shoulder muscles and their stability and strength. Follow these instructions for the exercise.

  • Place a heavyweight barbell on the ground. Now stand straight by keeping some distance between your feet. 
  • Now hold one end of the barbell and pick it up with one hand, placing the other hand on your waist. Keep your back straight and monitor the position of your spine.
  • Take a deep breath and move the barbell with one hand. Try balancing the barbell and contract and extend your arm while doing it. 
  • Take the barbell again at the starting pin and do the whole process about 20 times. 

12. Rear-Delt Fly

REar-Delt Fly

The Rear-Delt Fly is best for toning the backside of the shoulders, so women will love doing it. If you want to do this exercise, follow these instructions?

  • Stand straight by keeping a distance of the width of your hips between the feet. Take dumbbells in each hand and bend your body from the hip point at an angle of almost 45 degrees. 
  • Hang both the arms downward. Then, slowly move the hands upward, away from each other. Take the arms to the back level and make them straight horizontally.
  • Return your arms to the starting point and keep the body bend while exercising.
  • Do about 10 to 14 repetitions of this exercise to get the results. 

13. Pike Push-up

Pike Push-Up

This is a full-body workout, but its primary target is the shoulder area. It will strengthen the shoulder muscles along with the back, core, and hip muscles. Follow these instructions for this exercise.

  • Stand straight in your position and maintain a gap between your feet. Bend your body forward and touch the ground with your hands. Raise the hip area, making a reverse “V” with your body.
  • Now, bend your elbow and move the head forward to the ground by raising your feet heels from the ground.
  • Again go to the previous position by pushing your body backward, and continue doing this kind of push-ups. Do at least 12 repetitions.

14. Superman T-Raise

Shoulder Workouts For Women 14

This exercise primarily targets the lower body but is also very useful in building and strengthening shoulder muscles. Do the workout by following these steps.

  • Lie down straight, face towards the ground. Place forehead on the ground or mat and stretch the arms outwards.
  • Slightly lift your legs, chest, and arms, keeping the abdominal portion on the ground. While lifting the body parts, inhale the air. Stay in the air for about 4 to 5 seconds in the “U” position.
  • Take your body back to the ground by slowly exhaling the air. Repeat the steps 15 times in 3 sets. 

15.Wall Walk-up

Wall Walk-Up

It is a unique and exciting exercise for strengthening your shoulders. If you are a beginner, you might feel it difficult, but it is a good muscle strengthening exercise if you do it slowly. Follow these simple steps for doing wall walk-ups.

  • Lie down on the floor near a wall, face towards the ground. Walk on the wall backward by taking steps on the wall. Move your body towards the wall by taking reverse steps with your hands. 
  • Keep your back straight and walk on the wall as you can. Upstand your body with the wall; it will help in strengthening body muscles and maintaining balance. 

Benefits of Shoulder workouts

If your muscles are weak, you will get older early, and your body will start pains at a very early age. So to remain vital and young, muscle strengthening is significant. And muscles will only get stronger when you will do muscle exercises. For example, if your shoulders are weak, you cannot lift weights and even do house chores. So shoulder workouts are also essential. 

  • Shoulder exercises will reduce pain in the shoulders and arms. 
  • These workouts will help in strengthening the core and backbone so keeping the spine at its position.
  • Shoulder workouts will help you in improving body posture and back straightening.
  • They are also helpful in increasing muscle movement and flexibility of arms.
  • Muscle exercises will also tone up the body, and shoulder exercises will give you beautifully toned arms. 

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Parting Thoughts

If you want to gain muscles weight and build shoulders, follow the exercise you have told you Shoulder Workouts For Women. Gaining weight will take time, but that will be a healthy weight. You will not only be a healthy weight woman but will also have a muscular body.

But eating right along with the above exercises will multiply the results of weight gain. It is better to try hard to be healthy than to be lazy and become a sick woman. If you are weak, you will not be able to perform your many duties. So please, on our recommendation, try the above shoulder workouts to be healthy.

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