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Most of the skinny people often have questions like. Is it possible to gain weight? What are the factors involved in gaining weight? How to build up muscles? What should be the food we have to add to our meal? And many more. The only solution to such questions is a healthy diet plan and exercise.

Yes, it is possible to be on the list of people with a healthy weight and to have a muscular body. All you need is to have a perfect and healthy meal plan full of all nutrients. A skinny guy meal plan should contain all nutrients like Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats, Fiber, Minerals, Vitamins, and water. If a skinny guy follows the proper meal plan, then not only his skinny condition will go away, he also feels active and healthy. 

In this article, you will come to know how to gain weight in a proper healthy way. You can also prepare a skinny guy meal plan, which is a basic key to gain weight. A skinny guy who is underweight can maintain his BMI in the normal healthy range by following the factors that are below.

How are skinny guys supposed to eat?

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In order to be healthy and gaining weight, skinny guys need to consume high calories in their diet. They are supposed to eat the meal, which has high carbs and proteins. Carbohydrates have calories. A high-calorie diet is very effective for gaining weight. Healthy fats and carbohydrates are rich in calories, but you should not only stick on calories.

Try to add other groups of nutrients in the skinny guy meal plan as well e.g., proteins. Proteins have amino acids that are involved in growth and results in weight gain. Apart from these major nutrients, a skinny guy meal plan should also need to have other nutrients. By consuming these nutrients daily, they will soon be able to gain healthy weight.

1. A flawed system of mass gain

Sometimes a skinny person goes for shortcuts to gaining weight. They try to find quick ways to gain mass, which is totally a flawed concept of gaining weight. They go for supplements, injections, unhealthy meal plans which result in illness. Or sometimes they have misconceptions about food. They eat from all the groups of nutrients without any proper meal plan.

As a result, they gain extra weight, which is also unhealthy. Few of them skip some groups of nutrients and emphasize only on 2 to 3 groups. For example, they go for fats and carbs only and skip eating protein vitamins, etc. As a result, sometimes they gain weight, but that is totally unhealthy.

After that, they will regain their skinny condition along with hundreds of health problems. Through such a flawed system, a skinny guy can never gain mass and end up with unhealthy life. For staying healthy and in order to gain weight in a healthy way, skinny guys should avoid such a flawed system. And make a proper skinny guy meal plan that meets the requirements of a healthy life.

2. A better approach for muscles

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For building up muscles and a healthy approach for muscles, exercise makes your journey more convenient along with a healthy meal plan. Go for a workout that is effective for gaining the mass on muscles, for example, pushups, chin-ups, dumbbells, etc.

These exercises will be more effective if you have a proper meal plan because a healthy meal is only the source of gaining weight in a proper way. A skinny guy meal plan should have food that is high in energy because it is better for muscles. 

3. Meal principles for the skinny guy

The main principle for the skinny guy meal plan that should be followed is a meal full of nutrients. All essential nutrients should be present in his daily routine. If it is hard to consume all nutrients in one meal, then it is better to make portions of your meal and adjust all the nutrients accordingly. These foods are often not expensive and can be sourced in a budget.

4. Sample skinny guy meal plan

A perfectly healthy meal plan for a skinny guy is below. In order to keep yourself in a range of people with healthy BMI skinny guy meal plan should include easy and nutritious recipes

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Meal 1 Breakfast 

  • For breakfast, you can take ¾ cup of oatmeal mixed in low-fat milk. You can also add some fruits in it along with it any form of 3 eggs boiled/ omelet. 
  • Instead of oatmeal, you can take 2 slices of whole-grain bread.

Meal 2 Lunch

  • For proteins, you can take chicken breast or fish about 6 to 8 ounces. Or take mutton or beef instead of chicken.
  • You can prepare fruit or vegetable salad for you.
  • For carbs, take 2 cups of cooked rice or baked potatoes or 2 slices of bread.
  • Or you can take 1 chapatti along with low-fat cheese or strained yogurt and a small piece of any fruit.

Meal 3 Pre-workout 

  • A cup of strained yogurt adds some pieces of fruit mixed in it.
  • You can also take a hand full of dry fruits

Meal 4 Post-Workout

  • 1 cup of lentils or whey protein 1 scoop along with a small piece of your favorite fruit.

Meal 5 Dinner 

Skinny Guy Meal Plan 3
  • 1 small chapatti or 2 cups of cooked rice. 
  • Vegetables as much as you want you can also add a very little amount of fruit
  • 5 to 6 ounces of chicken or fish. Or take mutton/ beef.

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5. The best advice to stay balance

Eating much is not a good and wise option; this will only result in excessive unhealthy fats. Eat-in portions from all groups according to the skinny guy meal plan is the best way to achieve your goal.

This will not only make you healthy but also this will be effective for your lifestyle. Add healthy fats, carbs, and essential proteins in your diet. Avoid sticking on a single food group, nor should you skip any of the food groups. If you do not like a thing, then find an alternative for it within the same food group.

Add fruits and vegetables to your daily routine. Eat less but healthy will definitely help you to stay in the range of healthy people, and your life will be completely changed because you will be no more a skinny guy.

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Frequently Asked Question

I am underweight but eat 5 healthy meals a day and lots of snacks. How can I gain weight?

It is very simple to convert underweight into normal weight. Eating 5 times is not enough it depends on what you are eating in your 5 times meal. Same eating lots of snacks do not allow you to gain weight add healthy food in your snacks, then definitely you will gain weight.

Can a skinny guy build body in one year?

In such a case, you have to add more portions to your skinny guy meal plan. For example, instead of 2 eggs, take 3 eggs. Add more calories so that they help in building up your muscles. Consume foods that are high in energy.

Is it okay to use protein powder, while going to a gym to build body, for a skinny guy?

It is not necessary to have protein powder to build muscles. You can use protein as food in your skinny guy meal plan, but if you are still wanted to take protein powder, then it is okay, but it is the best option to take proteins in a meal rather than before the workout.

What would you rather have big arms and chest or a 6- packs?

Both are okay to have, but for bigger arms and muscles, you need to have more fats while on the case of 6 packs, it can build even in fewer fats.

What is the easiest way to gain weight for a skinny guy?

There is no short cut for it. The only easiest way to gain weight is to follow the skinny guy meal plan.

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 Final words

In simple words, if you are a skinny guy and want to gain some weight, then you have to prepare a skinny guy meal plan. You should not stick to one group of food in order to gain weight. Try to gain weight in a healthy way. Eat from all the nutrient groups.

Each group has its own importance according to your health and in weight gain journey. If you skip any of the major nutrients, then the weight gain process can be affected.

You should keep in mind that gaining weight does not mean eating in large amounts; this will result in excessive weight gain that can cause health disorders like obesity, sugar, etc. Eat according to the skinny guy meal plan in which every nutrient is present.

 Keep exercise at the top in your to-do list because a healthy meal plan will be more effective if you do exercise properly, especially those exercises which are helpful in building up muscles.

Eat pre and post-workout meals properly, which are mention in the skinny guy meal plan because, for the workout, you need more energy to try to get this energy in a healthy way rather than supplements, etc. because they are not a healthy option.

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