Do you need Supplements to help you gain weight?

There can be plenty of reasons why you want to gain weight. Some people need to gain weight due to medical reasons; others just want to gain muscle weight. If you are underweight adult, you may experience some health issues such as weak immune systems, osteoporosis, infertility. It can also cause complications during surgical procedures and many other serious conditions. 

In this case, you should increase your weight. The best way to do so is to add supplements to help you to gain weight. Make sure to have nutrition in balance and that besides supplements to help you gain weight, add some other nutrients that contain more calories. You can also consult nutritionists because weight gain can become quite a struggle.

Whether you need to gain weight due to medical reasons or just want to increase muscle mass, here are some foods that can also help. So, you should drink milk, protein shakes, eat rice, nuts, red meat, potato, squash, cereals or root vegetables. Eating these foods and adding supplements to help you gain weight will have a good result.

How does weight gain work?

It is all about metabolism. If your metabolism is slow and you eat the same number of calories, you will probably gain weight. With fast metabolism, the procedure is the opposite. Metabolism is slowing with ages and bad habits.

When you are trying to gain weight, you should add more fats and carbohydrates to your nutrition and burn fewer calories than taking them in. If you are trying to gain weight with increasing muscle mass, you should add more proteins to nutrition and exercise. It is almost impossible to take enough proteins by food, so you may need to take some supplements to help you gain weight.  

How much protein do you need?

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When you are trying to gain weight due to medical reasons, you should increase the intake of calories, proteins and exercise regularly. The average daily amount of protein supplements to help you gain weight is 0.8g per kilogram of your body weight. 

If you are about to gain weight by increasing your muscle mass, the average amount is 1.4g per kilogram. So, your nutrition should contain high-calorie food and a meal before going to bed each night. With supplements to help you gain weight, this advice will help you too. 

7 Helpful supplements for weight gain

In this article, we made a list of supplements to make you gain weight. We will say something about each one, and we are sure that these supplements will help you to choose and build your muscles. 

We are talking about whey protein, creatine, weight gainers, beta-alanine, HMB, testosterone boosters and branch-chain amino acids (BCCAs).

1. Whey protein

One of the supplements to help you gain weight is whey protein. This is a protein that we get from whey. It is very good for building muscle mass. This protein comes packed in many shapes such as energy plates, as a ready beverage, in bags or cans. 

Even though we take in proteins through the food, you may need to add supplements to help you gain weight. This is a great way to take in enough of proteins your body needs on a daily basis. 

Proteins are made out of small amino acid molecules. Out body is producing some amino acids, but it is not enough. That is why we need to add them to our nutrition, so our body could function normally. Eating proteins provide your metabolic system to work properly. Whey protein can help your body to recover faster after training. 

 How to take whey protein?

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Whey protein is a natural, high biological value supplement. The body absorbs it very quickly, and it is easy to digest. Whey protein keeps your immune system healthy as well as your health overall. 

As the whey protein dissolves in the water and comes to your blood in about 20-30 minutes, you should take it in this row:

  • 30 minutes before your training you should take 25g
  • At the beginning of the training another 25g
  • 30 minutes before the training end take again 25g.

This will keep your energy level high, help you build the muscle mass and recover your muscles easily. To gain weight, you should add dextrose in combination with whey protein. This is the way for supplements to help you gain weight and provide real results.

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2. Creatine

Creatine monohydrate is one of the most common supplements to help you gain weight. It can increase muscle and strength gain with 5-15%.

Creatine will not work if you are not exercising. If you are taking creatine as one of the supplements to help you gain weight, in the first week, you should take a larger amount, and after that, the amount your body needs is lower.

How to take creatine?

Taking creatine should go like this. You need to take 20g for the first seven days of consuming. In this period, your body will accept the creatine. After that, it is enough to take 5g daily for mass maintenance. 

In the first week, you will notice how creatine is helping you gain weight. You should gain 2-4kg in this period, and then you can low down the dose to keep your muscle in shape. They also come in tablet form for weight gain

3. Weight gainers

When you are about to gain weight, you will probably start taking more calories and proteins. This can be quite hard, so the whey gainers are the supplements to help you gain the weight you want. 

Weight gainers provide you with some amount of proteins and carbohydrates. When we disassemble this supplement, we can find 75-300g of carbohydrates and 20-60g of proteins. 

Not everyone has the same result with weight gainers, so you may not have a huge gain of weight. But as long as you exercise and eat properly, with these supplements to make you gain weight will do its job.

How to take weight gainers?

Weight gainers are great for people who don’t have enough time to prepare every meal at home. These supplements provide you with a large number of calories that you need. You can use weight gainers as a substitute for a meal or as a snack. 

Many of these supplements contain vitamins, minerals or some other nutrients. To be sure you are not taking too many nutrients, check the labels well and count the amounts. 

4. Beta-alanine

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Beta-alanine doesn’t stimulate weight gain, but it is important to combine it with supplements to help you gain weight. It has a role to reduce tiredness and grow the efficiency of exercising.

It works in a way that prevents the activity of acid molecules that body reproduces after training. This allows you to work out harder and longer and recover faster after training.

How to take beta-alanine?

You should take 2-6g of beta-alanine daily. It should be taken constantly to have an effect that you want. If taking just time to time, it will not have any efficiency. 

5. HMB

Beta-hydroxy beta-metaborate is helping your muscles not to decompose after training. It also helps to recover. This is one of the supplements to help you gain weight, and it is highly recommended for use. Even though your body is producing HMB, this is not enough, so you should add this supplement to your nutrition.

How to take HMB?

Proper use of the HMB goes according to your current body weight. The amount that is recommended is 17mg per kilogram. It means that person who weights 140 kg needs about 2,5g daily. You should take HMB two weeks before you start noticing any effect. 

6. Testosterone boosters

Testosterone is a hormone that the body needs to build muscle. Several supplements are boosting testosterone. The most popular is vitamin D, Tribulus terrestrosin, DHA, Zinc, ginger. Some studies showed that testosterone boosters, in combination with exercises, significantly increase your muscle strength and weight.

How to take testosterone boosters?

You may need to be careful when taking testosterone boosters in combination with other supplements to help you gain weight. You shouldn’t take too many other supplements because it is still unknown which effect they can cause together. 

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7. Branch-chain amino acids (BCAAs)

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Proteins contain amino acids, which all have different components. There are three amino acids that we use to call branch chain amino acids due to the way the chains are splitting. These amino acids are important for muscle weight gain and the stopping of mass muscle reduction. 

Depending on do you want to gain or lose weight while taking BCAAs, it will still provide your muscle weight gain. Branch chain amino acids are supplements to help you gain weight. 

How to take BCAAs?

BCAAs are available in many foods because all the proteins contain these amino acids. Whey protein is also a good source of BCAAs. If you are taking enough proteins, this supplement is not necessary. 

If you are taking BCAAs, you should take 3-6g before or during the exercise. 

Learn More About Weight Gain Supplements

Frequently asked questions:

What are the best supplements to take if you’re trying to gain muscle?

The best supplements to help you gain weight are also great for muscle gain. Here are some of the best supplements, such as beta-alanine, creatine, proteins, weight gainers, BCAAs.

Is it possible to gain muscles at the gym without supplements?

You can gain muscle without any supplements. It is only important to exercise, eat healthily and have enough rest. Your muscle requires food, so you need to eat very healthily, and your nutrition must contain nutrients that provide muscle gain. 
That is why people at the gym add supplements to help you gain weight because sometimes it is hard to synchronize the nutrition and exercise in today’s way of life.

How do I gain muscles without the use of any supplements?

You can gain muscles without the use of any supplements by regular workout, balanced nutrition and healthy way of life. While exercising, you should expose your muscles to stress slowly. This process lasts long, and it can take years before you achieve the goal you want. 

Are supplements necessary for bodybuilding?

If you are into bodybuilding, you should know that it is almost impossible to have that kind of a body without supplements to help you gain weight and muscle mass. It is possible, but if you give up on everything else you do in your life. 
So, supplements are required because it is hard to gain muscles only by food. The food doesn’t provide enough of proteins that the body needs in order to build muscles. 

Are there supplements that help with anxiety?

There are many supplements that help with anxiety, such as vitamins, fish oil, or herbs. If you are facing anxiety, check out if there is a lack of vitamins in your body, especially vitamin A, B, C, D and E.

Which supplements do you take daily? Why?

In order for supplements to help you gain weight, you should consider taking them daily. There are beta-alanine, proteins, weight gainers, creatine and some vitamins such as vitamins D and B. 
You should take them daily if you want to notice the results soon. 

Parting words

 When you want to gain weight or muscle mass, you should probably add some supplements to your nutrition. You also need to change your habits into healthy ones. This means that you need to have nutrition in balance, exercise regularly and sleep well.

When taking supplements, you should count the nutrients, so you don’t take too much of any of it. And also, when taking a supplement to help you gain weight, you should try to increase the intake of calories and carbohydrates so you will notice the results soon. 

You should be patient; nothing can give results overnight. The best supplements to help you gain weight are proteins, beta-alanine, weight gainers, creatine, testosterone boosters. You can combine them with vitamins too. 

But remember, only healthy weight gain is good for you, so don’t push too hard unless you are okay with doing harm to your body. Take your time for muscle and weight gain, follow a healthy way of life, and you will achieve the effect that you want.

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