11 Best Tips on How To Gain Weight

If you are underweight or slim, you should be trying hard to gain weight and must be looking for tips on how to gain weight. Thin people do work hard to attain weight. Most of them achieve their goal. Some might not since they are not consistent. Gaining weight is an exciting process. Guess what you are more likely to eat.

Several delicious items that may leave your taste buds wanting more. Gaining weight is not an easy task. There are several things a person should follow. These tips and the food type that a person should consume during his diet. We will let you know these things in this article. So let us discuss them.

1. BMI Value

BMI - Tips on how to gain weight

I would say if a person looking for tips on how to gain weight should initially know his or her BMI. Knowing the BMI Value will prove to be beneficial. It will help in the long run to gain weight. A person can come to know how much weight is underweight. Then you will know how much more weight needs to put on. A person should be aware of its eating habits. Use These eating habits d for some time before beginning to gain weight diet.

Several applications that keep a calorie record are available. You will find them on your favorite platform. It is difficult to record the values manually. One should always try to add extra calories to their diet before bed works wonderfully. At least 150-300 Calories or even more is a good start. In the food that is required to gain weight. Follow this to effectively and in a shorter frame of time.

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2. Shakes

Milk Shakes

Drinking Milk Shakes will be one answer for tips on how to gain weight. When it comes to shakes, they are very delicious. Shakes are calorie-dense food. Several shakes types are available that have various signs on the body. Some fruit shakes are responsible to reduces acne on the forehead. Some shakes may cure intestinal problems or gastrointestinal aches. And some even improve digestion. Apart from some of these, shakes significantly contribute to more calories in your meal.

It also helps you gain more weight quickly. One of the most preferred and dense fruits shakes banana milkshake. Apple milkshake, strawberries, blueberries, guava, watermelon, muskmelon, milkshakes are also healthy options for gaining weight adequately. You can eat these at any time during the day. But it is recommended to be consumed during breakfast every day. I am assuring from my experience that tips on how to gain weight will be helpful for you.

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3. Digestion

A lot of people find it hard to digest certain kinds of food. Hence, knowing about digestion will be other tips on how to gain weight. For example, many people on Earth are lactose intolerant. Lactose is the prime sugar present in milk.

Thus milk becomes difficult for them. Because they lack the necessary enzymes, these enzymes are responsible for lactose breakdown in the body. Such people should avoid milk consumption in the diet for weight gain. Instead, they should consume milk-related products. In which lactose becomes another metabolite.

Such as lactic acid or another compound by the fermentation process. These food sources are easily digestible. As the protein in them is broken down into amino acids. They have lots of essential minerals and vitamins present in them. Thus digestion becomes natural, and healthy weight gain occurs. Curd, yogurt, cheese, butter are an excellent alternative to milk.

Apart from milk, other food items are also not easily digested by some people. And most of the energy present in food is wasted. A person should consult an authorized dietician or a nutritionist regarding this problem — the best way to treat it by consuming probiotics.

Probiotics are fermented milk drinks that are rich in microbes like fungi or bacteria. They help keep one’s gut health, improve digestion.it also assists in building immunity. Probiotics are the healthy organic option for gaining weight and improving digestion. Knowing tips on how to gain weight will be useless if you don’t follow them.

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Weight Gain Advice

4. Nuts


Nuts are rich sources of protein. Dried fruits also provide healthy fat to the body. This fat helps build myelin sheath around the neurons. It helps in sending nerve impulses from one neuron to the other in the nervous system. Thus apart from helping in weight gain. They also help in promoting the better nervous function of the body. Almonds have many sources of good cholesterol in it. Significant tips on how to gain weight are eating nuts.

Almonds must be soaked overnight in water or milk and then consumed the next day. Apart from almonds, pistachios, peanuts, cashews, hazelnuts are better food available for gaining weight. They should be consumed in 3-5 pieces each day. Excess eating of dried fruits is not advisable daily. It keeps the body warm and may lead to the development of blisters. Even acne develops in some individuals if consumed more.

Remember that here I am describing to you. The way you can add more calories to your meal to gain more weight quickly. Now and then or during traveling. You can eat them while working in offices. Or to chew and keeping your belly full. I am sure, you will love these tips on how to gain weight.

5. Exercise


Another most important tips on how to gain weight are doing regular exercises. A person should do regular exercise. Exercising makes your stomach crave for more food. Cause you lose much of the energy during it. Doing it regularly at a fixed time also helps increase your diet, apart from going to the gym to do exercises or making muscles.

A person can do other kinds of stuff too. For example, nowadays, we all are aware of the benefits of yoga. Yoga is a set of practices or asana, which is a part of the daily morning routines of individuals. These people maintain themselves healthily even after the late 60 and 70s. Yoga also helps in increasing your appetite.

Thus you will be eating more food. Jogging, swimming, cardio, dance have proved their importance to maintaining good health overall. They also help to increase your weight. So regular exercises must be performed in any form suitable and convenient way. That one finds to attain significant weight gain. Some people might hate tips on how to gain weight a lot because usually, we do not like exercise.

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6. Meals

The most important tips on how to gain weight would be meal planning. Eat regular short meals during the entire day. Having three meals in a day is not enough to gain the necessary weight to the body.

Skipping meals is not advised at any cost. Eating food should be a priority and especially on time. Eating at irregular intervals may also lead to unhealthy weight gain around the belly and other areas. That is not what you want to happen!

For gaining weight quickly and fast, a person should eat more. At a smaller regular interval of time, a person should consume some of the other snacks to keep the tummy full. It gives you extra calories. Remember, you should eat more than you need to gain weight.

The same principle applies here too. During the interim breaks, a person can consume fresh foods like banana, apple, pear, orange, pineapple, avocado, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, guava, etc.

All these foods are calorie-dense sources of food, which can help you gain weight. Knowing healthy tips on how to gain weight is important and hope this one will be very useful.

You can also consume snacks like chips, pasta, slices of bread, burgers, and cheeses dip of fries, garlic bread, buns, etc. as intermediary snacks during the whole day. Sprouted cereals are one of the organic sources that are healthy and also effective in gaining weight.

These are rich sources of protein. Bodybuilders and people going to the gym for gaining mass and building muscles should incorporate sprouted cereals in their diet as it helps muscles recover at a faster rate due to more amounts of calories present in them.

7. Mass Gainers

Mass gainers tips on how to gain weight

Knowing and taking Mass Gainers is another important task for implementing tips on how to gain weight. A person should consume mass gainer or weight gainer only after proper consultation.

It can be a prescription from a practitioner, a doctor, a nutritionist, or even a dietician. A mass gainer is a powder that is made up of several vitamins and minerals. It contains essential components in them that are difficult to obtain from conventional food sources.

They are full of almost all the 20 essential amino acids, carbohydrates, fats, and minerals like potassium, sodium, iron, zinc, etc.

A person with less weight or malnourishment or even low BMI must consume a mass gainer that has more carbohydrate to protein ratio. It merely means that there should be more amount of sugar in the gainer and fewer proteins initially.

ONN Serious Mass is one such type of mass gainer that is quite effective. For this purpose, you can get the extra calories from it. These carbohydrates then become fat and are deposited in the body.

People who do regular exercise or bodybuilding and want to gain weight require more amount of protein. Protein is necessary for repairing the muscles that have worn out initially during work out. For such kinds of individuals, a mass gainer with a low carbohydrate to protein ratio is a must.

It means that the mass gainer should have more amount of protein than the starch initially. Plenty of mass gainer is available with purified proteins in them. They can be of the type which has egg protein, egg white, whey, and whey isolate also. I am assuming you are loving knowing about tips on how to gain weight. So please keep reading and note them.

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8. Calorie Dense Foods

Taking calorie-dense foods are handy tips on how to gain weight. An individual should consume higher amounts of calories. At least 5-6 meals a day should suffice. Carbohydrates are essential for gaining weight as they have a lot of calories stored in them in the form of starch. Potato is one such source. Sweet potatoes, rice, pasta, have a lot of starch in them.

Extra amounts of drinks must be drunk each day at least 6-8 glasses of water. It helps in creating nitrogenous waste when more protein consumed. Apart from this, various government bodies say that. We should drink more amount of water each day. But drinking water should be avoided just before the meals as they make you feel full. Are you keep a note on these tips on how to gain weight?

9. Milk

As you are searching for healthy tips on how to gain weight, so the next tip is to drink milk regularly. I have always recommended milk to my patients to gain weight. Milk is one of the most nutritious fluids that Mother Nature has made.

It is to nourish an infant to a healthy individual. It is one of the best organic sources of energy. Milk is a mixture of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Depending upon the type of milk, various types are available.

A person should consume milk during breakfast and even night before going to bed after dinner. It provides extra calories to your meal plan. Full crème milk is very supportive of gaining weight. Buffalo milk, goat milk, and camel milk are very dense in fat. They provide good fat to the body and also contains various nutrients and minerals.

Calcium is predominantly present in milk that helps make your bones strong. Magnesium, potassium, iron is present in less amount but is equally essential. It is for the vital functioning of the cells of the body.

Plenty of carbohydrate-rich food like buckwheat, beans, potatoes, squash, pasta, rice, whole grain cereals, legumes, corn, etc. consume these for gaining weight. I hope you are already noting these tips on how to gain weight!

10. It’s Meat Time!

Meat from fishes, pork, and chicken is also calories rich food that can be consumed to gain weight. Fish like trout, salmon, bombil are excellent sources for healthy cholesterol. Cheese provides more energy per gram and helps you attain the desired weight in a relatively less period. I am sure you loved this tip among all tips on how to gain weight.

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11. Dietician or nutritionist

As you want to know about tips on how to gain weight so next tip is knowing about dietician and why you need it. Every person has their characteristics. See A dietician or nutritionist for a more personal experience.

They will not only recommend a diet plan according to your needs but also keep in mind your goals and your target. A variety of diet plans for gaining weight is easily accessible on social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

These plans might be useful for gaining weight, and much of the population may have also followed it. But I would like you to visit a practicing nutritionist for a more personal experience as per your needs.

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Frequently Asked Question

What is the ideal BMI value that I should target?

The BMI that lies between 18.5 to 24.9 is considered ideal and is recommended. A BMI less than 18.5 is considered as underweight. Whereas. More than 24.9 is considered overweight.

What can I use to substitute milk? I am lactose intolerant.

If you want to substitute milk while intolerant of lactose, it means that you want a replacement for calcium, proteins, potassium, and other nutrients. For this reason, dairy products including yogurt, cheese, butter, and eggs. Moreover, leafy green vegetables, cereals, nuts, and soya milk can substitute well for milk.

How much time should I allocate to exercise weekly?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the recommended level of working out a week is at least 150 minutes or (2.5 hours) for moderate aerobic activities while half the time for aerobic activities, that is 75 minutes a week

Are mass gainers really safe for regular consumption?

In the long run, mass gainers are not safe to be consumed on a daily basis. Because they affect the bones as well as the immune system badly putting you at the risk of many health risks.

Final Words for Tips On How To gain Weight

Apart from these devices mentioned above, a person must keep the track record of their diet and calorie intake. Eat more calories than you burn throughout the day. Healthy and organic food must be eaten for gaining weight and avoid eating, which leads to unnecessary and unhealthy weight gain.

A more personalized diet is essential, which will prove to be better capable and attain the desired weight in a relatively less period. I hope all of these tips on how to gain weight will be very useful for you. Moreover, if you feel this Tips on How To gain weight is helpful, then please bookmark it.

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