You don’t have to struggle hard to gain weight; instead, you have to look at the most effective exercises that are available to exercise for gain weight. Then, you need to develop a proper plan by utilizing those workouts to receive the most results at the end of the day.

Here are 10 of the most effective exercise for Gain weight that you should follow

Anyone on a mission exercise to gain weight can track these workouts without having doubt or second thoughts in mind. But, of course, it would help if you did not miss our healthy meal plans article.

10. One-arm Cable Side Laterals

Exercise For Gain Weight 1

One-arm Cable Side Laterals are in a position to provide you with broader shoulders. You will be able to boost the muscle mass of the outer cap of the Shoulder with this workout. Thus, it is one of the essential exercises available for skinny people can exercise to gain weight. In addition, you will be able to achieve a more comprehensive look with the help of this workout.

To begin with the workout, you need to use one hand to grab the handle linked with the rope. Then it would help if you kept the chest and spine up. Now you need to inhale and pull up the handle across your body in a controlled manner. Along with that, you can create a slight arch in the elbow and move forward with it.

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9. Dumbbell Chest Fly

Exercise For Gain Weight 2

If you are trying to become bulky with the chest workouts, you must look at Dumbbell Chest Fly. This workout can increase the overall thickness of the chest muscles. Therefore, you will follow it and develop a more prominent and full chest with ease. 

To get started with the exercise to gain weight, you will need to lie on a flat bench and then raise the dumbbells with the help of the thighs. Now you can place the dumbbells over the shoulders by using the palms. Next, while taking a deep breath, you should flare out the dumbbells to the shoulder level. Then you can return your arms to their original position.

8. Leg Extension

Exercise For Gain Weight 3

Leg Extension is one of the best exercises for gain weight available for you to try. This workout is focusing mainly on your quad muscles. Therefore, you will be able to put up a lot of mass on the thighs as well. The best thing about engaging with Leg Extension is that it can provide you with the chance to develop a secure connection between mind and muscles. Hence, you will get the opportunity to stimulate the growth of your muscles conveniently. 

To begin with, with Leg Extension, you will need to sit down on a leg extension machine. It would help if you kept the feet pointing forward. Now you can take a breath and extend the legs with the help of your quadriceps. The next step would be to breathe out and lower the legs slowly. While engaging with Leg Extension, you need to make sure that you are not moving the knees.

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7. Leg Press

Exercise For Gain Weight 4

When you are searching for workouts that can help you to yoga for weight gain, if you focus more on the exercise to gain weight, you have to focus on your leg muscles. That’s where Leg press will be able to assist you. It can provide great overall assistance to you with developing the quad muscles. Therefore, you will be focusing more on your quad muscles when you are engaging with Leg press.

To begin with Leg press, you should lie down on a bench and keep the legs Shoulder apart. It would help if you made sure that your feet are lying flat on the ground. Now you must lower the safety bar while keeping the knees relaxed. You should then take a breath, hold and lower the bar slowly until it is bent at an angle of 90 degrees. Along with that, you will be able to push the platform with the help of heels and come back to the starting position. You can repeat this process several times.

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6. Squat

exercise for gain weight fast

A squat is one of the most popular exercises for the gain weight that you can find among people looking forward to gaining weight. That’s because it can effectively increase your insensitivity levels. You will also be able to build up muscle mass for your legs effectively with the help of Squats. 

To begin with Squat, you will need to place the bar on the rear deltoids. You can then take a stance while keeping the legs shoulder-width apart and confirm that you are following the chest up at all times. You can then take a deep breath while keeping the core tight. Next, you will have to slowly lower yourself until the quads get parallel to the ground as the next step.

You have to confirm that you are not going too deep. Then you will be able to explore and stand tall. While you do this, you need to squeeze the butt near the top. This is also one of the beginner-friendly exercises. You can also use exercise mats for better protection.

5. Dips

Exercise For Gain Weight 5

Dips would target both the triceps and the chest. Hence, it is another effective method available for people looking forward to gaining weight with appropriate workouts. It would help if you varied the technique slightly to target the triceps and the chest. Here, the most important thing you should do is to develop your muscle size. You can add more weights to enhance the intensity of the workouts, as well.

To engage with dips, you need to grab a parallel dip bar and lock your elbows. While keeping the chest up, you can lower yourself slowly. Once you are crossing the Elbows, you need to stop and then push up. It would be best if you continued this for several reps.

4. Pull-Ups

Exercise For Gain Weight 6

Pull-ups are one of the best overall body workouts that you can do. It can help you a lot with gaining weight as well. You will be able to engage with Pull-ups and develop strength on the back. With the help of Pull-ups, you will have a fantastic chance to develop muscles by targeting more on the inner and upper back. In other words, it can help you to end up with a V-shape as well.

To do Pull-ups, you will need to hand onto a bar and keep the chest up. Now you need to pull the bar while taking a breath. It would be best if you paused for a bit at the top after crossing the bar with your head. Next, you have to slowly lower down the body.

3. Overhead Press

Exercise For Gain Weight 7

Overhead Press is an excellent workout to develop your shoulder muscles and get bulky with minimum hassle. It focuses on various muscles in the body, including the upper chest, core, traps, triceps, and shoulders. 

To begin with Overhead Press, you will need to stand tall while keeping the legs shoulder-width apart. Then it would help if you kept the bar on the upper chest. Along with that, you must take a deep breath and then tighten the core to press the bar up high. Next, you have to lower the bar slowly to the upper chest and repeat this process.

2. Bench Press

Exercise For Gain Weight 8

Bench Press is the ultimate chest-building workout that you can follow. It can deliver excellent assistance to you with developing the muscles on your chest. On the other hand, it provides a compound movement for muscle development as well. You will need to have a lot of strength in the upper body to engage with Bench Press and receive its results. The effort you take is worth it as it can deliver a perfect shape to you.

To begin with Bench Press, you will need to lie down on top of a flat bench. Then it would be best if you created a slight arch on the back. Along with that, you should un-rack the bar and hold onto the chest. You should then push up the bar and bring it down slowly.

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1. Deadlift

Exercise For Gain Weight 9

The Deadlift is a strength-building workout available for you to consider. It can also help you with the development of your muscle mass in a convenient manner. Hence, all the people interested in achieving optimum muscle mass will be able to go ahead with Deadlift.

To begin with Deadlift, you will need to stand shoulder-width apart. It would help if you then placed the feet under the bar. Now you need to hinge the hips and lower yourself by grabbing the bar. Next, you need to confirm that you keep the chest up and core tight at all times.

Now you need to pull the bar towards you while standing tall. You will then be able to lower the bar slowly. Again, you are encouraged to control the weight while engaging with Deadlift to receive the best possible results.

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Can I get an injury from doing these exercises?

Injury can happen to anyone during exercise either you are a beginner or an expert. All you can do is to be careful and follow the instructions carefully. Wear a proper costume and do warm up to avoid any injury.

I cannot go all the way up in pull-ups; what to do?

Practice! That is what can make you go all the way up. Another way is to do some complimentary exercise for a while and then head back to the pull-ups.

Can I use weights when squatting?

Using weights during squatting is an excellent technique. Because without the consequences, only the lower portion of the body is employed. While when lifting the importance, the core muscles are also involved.

What amount of weight is ideal for a deadlift? I am a beginner.

You can identify either the weight is heavy for you or not. If your hips and knees don’t move simultaneously or the spine rounds, it indicates that the consequences are severe for you. In general, 133 percent of the body weight for a male beginner, while 101 percent of the bodyweight for a female beginner is recommended.


You have to follow our exercise to gain weight articles step by step then you will be benefited. It is recommended to include more protein or get some supplements like BCAA for muscle growth and recovery. Proper nutrients are needed to increase muscle to gain weight.

Alright, your turn:

Which exercise is most effective for weight gain?

Let us know in the comments!

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