We need to understand the Benefits of Weight Gain and Disadvantages too. It depends on the ways that we use to gain weight. Let us take, for example, eating foods, which help in adding body weight. Working out is also one of the best ways of gaining weight. Adding body mass helps in preventing the body from serious injuries. We can do this through strength training.

Benefits of Weight Gain

Besides, weight gain only becomes healthy when one is active in daily life. It will help in keeping the entire body in good shape. However, excess weight gain is not fit for the overall well-being of the human body. Gaining too much body mass leads to obesity.

It will, in turn, causes diabetes, heart failure, and hypertension, among others. There are more disadvantages to weight gain. For instance, people who practice weight lifting are at a higher risk of having tiny cracks, known as stress fractures. Typically, weight gain is not healthy, especially for overweight persons who are less active. 

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Prevents The Body From Injuries

Weight Gain Prevents Injury

The first benefits of weight gain are that it prevents the body from injuries. Those individuals who practice strength training build on more mass. It is making their body to be resistant to any severe injuries.

It is one of the benefits they gain over underweight people. It happens to those individuals who practice rugby and football. Most of the time, they suffer from internal injuries and bone fractures, and not deep cuts.

Excess body mass prevents the outer skin from such accidents. The only way that injuries can harm the body is if the person is struck or in a delicate body part.

Fertility in Women

Weight Gain Increase Fertility in Women

Secondly, other benefits of weight gain are healthy when it comes to fertility in women. It is because underweight women lack enough body mass to support themselves during pregnancy. The space that the fetus accommodates.

The tummy is minimal as compared to women who are heavyweight. Huge or heavyweight women mostly do not experience any discomfort during pregnancy. When the skin at the stomach is stretching to accommodate a new life, it is different from underweight women because most of them suffer various complications during pregnancy. 

This often leads them to deliver before their full pregnancy term. Therefore, before getting pregnant. One should seek the doctor’s opinion on ways of safely gaining weight for reduced pregnancy difficulties.

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Active Lifestyle

Active Lifestyle - Benefits of Weight Gain

In addition to that, research has shown some other benefits of weight gain. People who have additional body mass are more active as compared to those who are underweight. So, this is another benefit of weight gain. Fat people can participate in any exercise without getting chest complications as compared to skinny people.

Also, during cold weather, obese people generate more heat for their bodies. Compared to slim people because they have too many fats in their bodies. This is an advantage, especially during the cold seasons. Heavyweight people can easily continue with their daily routine without any trouble. And they are not scared of becoming ill frequently. The benefits of weight gain outweigh the disadvantages.

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Weight Gain Disadvantages

Weight Gain Can Make People Lazy

On the contrary, weight gain is not healthy when it comes to being lazy. Heavyweight people should avoid being lazy in their daily life through all means. This is the starting point of their long-term complications. Excess weight gain leads to obesity. It can result in a condition where an individual cannot help himself. They depend on other people for help.

Over dependency can, in turn, result in depression. Where the obese person now feels like he or she is too much burden to his family members. He can then resort to killing himself. The resultant factor is that one becomes a bother to his family members. Who will also get tired of supporting and helping the obese individual? Because they also have to work to feed their family members.

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Cardiovascular Issues

Furthermore, weight gain also leads to cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure. High blood pressure opens channels to various conditions. Diabetes is the most common problem. These two diseases can stay in a person’s body without him or her noticing because the symptoms start very mild. Usually, it begins with a regular headache and then followed by fatigue — These two signs which many people ignore and think that it is normal.

People then resort to self-medication, and the pain goes away. Most people do not realize that this pain only disappears for a while before it comes back. In the process, internal organs such as the liver, kidney, and heart suffer slowly, which results in early deaths.

Decrease Self Esteem

Excess weight gain also leads to low self-esteem, which may break up families in the long run. Overweight people tend to be ashamed of their bodies and how the public perceives them. They lack self-confidence when interacting with other people. Who look much healthier than they do. Some family members might feel like their sibling or parent who is overweight is a shame to the family, especially when guests visit. It leads to neglect, where one may deny relation to the obese individual. Families end up being on bad terms with each other, leading to breakups.

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Heart Failure

Lastly, excess weight gain leads to heart failure. Diet determines a person’s weight. Studies have shown that most people who are in their youth are at a higher risk of suffering from heart failure. It is because teenagers eat junk foods most of the time, as compared to healthy eating. Fats then end up accumulating in the heart. Clogging it up and collapsing the heart. Early deaths become the result of such a situation.

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FAQs On Benefits Of Weight gain

How long till I see the benefits from weight gain?

Healthy weight gain will take about 6 to 8 week. And you will get 1 pound of weight per week. So it will take time to reach to healthy weight and then get benefits from it. Minimum it will require about 4 to 5 months to gain exact healthy weight.

Should I still need to try to gain weight after conceiving if I am underweight?

If you are underweight during pregnancy it may lead to many problems. It will affect your health because you are not taking proper nutrients which you and your baby need. It can cause premature birth of a weak child or miscarriage. So it is very important to gain weight after conceiving for an underweight woman.

How much physical activity should I have weekly?

It is very important to be physically active for a healthy life. Daily 30 minutes workout is necessary. It is recommended to do 150 minutes anaerobic and 75 minutes aerobic workout weekly. You also can do combination of workouts, important is to be active.

How to gain weight and not have cardiovascular issues?

You will have cardiovascular issues if you take high amount of fats and cholesterol. Fats will deposit on the walls of arteries and you will get heart problems. So add extra calories by eating healthy meal, reduce the amount of fats and eat protein for weight gain. Stay physically active, it will help you in weight gaining without cardiovascular issues.

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Final Words

In summary, weight gain has both its health benefits and disadvantages. However, its problems outweigh the advantages. It is unhealthy to gain excess weight. On the contrary, weight gain is not a risk when you incorporate your diet with doing exercises. It applies to everyone, especially junk food lovers, as they will continue eating foods of their choice without fear of being obese or getting cardiovascular diseases. Hope this discussion of benefits of weight gain and disadvantages will help you.

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