13 Best Triceps Workouts For Women

Best Triceps Workouts For Women

Triceps Workouts For Women Fitness

Working out is one of the best ways to keep you physically and mentally fit. If you want to have a well-maintained body or a balanced mind, a workout is the best option for you. Working out helps keep you away from many severe diseases like heart risks, cancer, and obesity. In addition, it keeps your sugar and insulin levels in control. A triceps workout for women is very important.

Workouts also keep your mind engaged and focused, improving your mental health. It is beneficial for people who want to eliminate any addiction like smoking by reducing their cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Workout strengthens your bones and muscles and allows you to get a night of better sleep. It helps to sharpen your intelligence and learning skills, along with making you more dedicated. There are a variety of workouts that you can do. However, we would suggest you go for triceps workouts.

Why Triceps Workouts For Women?

Well, there are several workouts that you can do to keep yourself fit. Triceps workout is one of them, which is quite common. Yes, a good exercise routine must comprise of the exercises that work on all of your muscles. But it would help if you always had a primary focus area, and the triceps can be the best one. Triceps are an essential part of our arms and help in several movements like pushing. It helps us to move the joint of our hands. You would want more muscular arms to help you lift weights and assist you in other daily activities.

A triceps workout helps you to improve your overall strength and endurance. Whenever you do any lifting exercises, powerful triceps can work wonders for you. First, they allow you to stabilize your elbow and your shoulder joint. Second, triceps workouts help to increase the flexibility and the range of your arms. Finally, if you are a person who likes to plays sports like basketball, volleyball, golf, or tennis, then a triceps workout is the best option for you. That is because these sports make your upper arms come into action and require a lot of upper arm strength. So triceps workouts can assist you in more than a few ways.

Best Triceps Workouts For Women

There is a wide variety of triceps workouts that you can do. It depends on the body type that you have and the body type that you want to get. Some women might want to do triceps workouts to keep themselves fit, while some might want to get their weights in control. Finding the best one among those many triceps workouts might be difficult. Some exercises work best for every kind of woman. We have listed those triceps workouts below, ladies. Please check them out and find the best one for yourself.

1. Triceps Extension

There are several types of triceps extension exercises based on your level. If you are a beginner, you can begin with an overhead triceps extension using a dumbbell. Most triceps extension exercises require you to either stand straight or lie down with dumbbells in your hand. Then you should extend your arms and lock them for a while. Do all this while keeping your core tight and squeezing your entire upper arms. Triceps extension helps you to improve the flexibility and the range of your components. They allow you to strengthen your triceps and shoulders as well.

2. Lying Triceps Extension

It is a slightly complex version of the triceps extension. To do this, lie on your back on a bench. Carry a dumbbell on each of your hands and place your hands in front of your chest. Make sure that your back is completely straight. By bending your elbows, lower your hands a little so that they reach in front of your shoulders. Make sure not to move your upper arms. Hold the position for a while, and then take your hands back to the starting position. Squeeze your triceps throughout to get better results.

3. Triceps Dips

It is the most effective exercise to strengthen your entire upper arm. This exercise also helps you to build your core strength. Sit on the edge of a bench or a chair and grip the edge with your hands. Look straight with your chin up and press your palms to lift your body. Slide slightly forward to get off the edge of the bench. Lower yourself until your elbows make an angle of 45-90 degrees. Get back to the starting position and repeat. Keep your core and hip muscles tight. Hold the positions for a while.

4. Triceps Push-Ups

Start with a plank position with your hands under your shoulders. Keep your core tight by pulling your belly button inside towards your spine. Keep your back, hips, and legs straight at a level. Pull your arms close to keep your shoulders stable. Lower yourself towards the ground while keeping your body straight and core tight. Go down until your elbows are pointed backward, making a 90 degrees angle with your upper arms. Push towards the ground to lift back your body to get to the initial position. Repeat it around 10-12 times.

5. Ball Push-Ups

Ball push-ups help you to strengthen your triceps along with increasing the stability of your arms and shoulders. They also work on your core. Lie down by placing your chest on a stability ball and place your hands on the ball at the sides of the chest. Don’t keep them too away- make it a shoulder-width distance. Start with a plank position by keeping your legs straight and lacing your toes on the floor. Next, push your body up to make your arms straight without locking your elbows. Hold and balance for a second and return to the starting position.

6. Triceps Side Push-Ups

Triceps side push-ups work on your entire upper body, including your triceps, back, biceps, and shoulders as well. They use your body weight instead of any other weight, which is a good thing. Lie down on one side of your body by stacking your shoulders, hips, and feet. Place your one hand on the mat under the elbow of the other one and wrap the other one around your waist beneath your body. The hand placed on the mat is going to do all the work. Push your body and raise it as up as you can. Hold the position for a while and get back to the starting position.

7. One-Arm Press

Working on one side of the body simultaneously and the other simultaneously is a good idea for most people. So, one-arm presses can interest you. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Grab a dumbbell with your right hand and place the left hand on your waist. Raise the dumbbell over your head while keeping your core tight and squeezing your arms. Extend your hands entirely and hold the position for a while. Return to the initial position. Repeat the same with the other hand.

8. One-Arm Kickback

Grab a dumbbell with your left hand and place your right foot front and your left foot back. Bend your right knee and lean your torso forward. Raise your left elbow back, making your upper arm almost parallel to the floor. Kick back and try to extend your arm completely. Slowly bring back the dumbbell to the initial position. Switch your hands and perform the exercise. Repeat it 10-12 times. Try to keep your core tight and squeeze your arm muscles while performing the entire workout for the best results. This works on your triceps and your shoulders.

9. Triceps Pushdown

Stand straight with your chest up and shoulders rolled backward. Place your elbows slightly in front of your body and maintain a straight upright position. Keep your hands in a neutral position if you are using a rope or a band. Extend your elbows straight forward without lowering your chest. Squeeze your triceps to contract them completely. Get back to the starting position and repeat the exercise. While triceps pushdown looks like an easy exercise, many people get few steps wrong. Triceps pushdown can improve your lockout strength along with the entire upper arms strength.

10. Overhead Triceps Extension

Begin with overhead triceps extension using a dumbbell. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and hold a dumbbell with both your hands. Keep your core tight. Lift the dumbbell by completely extending your arms upwards. Then slowly bend your elbows and lower the dumbbell behind your head while squeezing your triceps. Do it for 8-10 reps. Try to keep your elbows as still as you can. Hold each extension position for a while to get better results. Don’t carry too heavy a dumbbell, and don’t perform too many reps if you are a beginner.

11. Negative Triceps Dip

The negative triceps dip is similar to the triceps dip, which is part of the triceps dip. In triceps dip, you start by sitting at the edge of a bench and lower your body. Then, you bring your body up again and continue the reps. Similarly, in a negative triceps dip, you begin by sitting at the edge of a bench and grip it. Then you slowly lower your body down while feeling the exercise through your arms, hips, core, and legs. You might terminate the training while you are down.

12. Close Grip Bench Press

Lie flat on a bench on your back using a close grip shoulder-width apart. Lift the barbell; you can take assistance from the machine you are lying on if you are a beginner. Bring the barbell towards your chest while inhaling and exhaling slowly. Keep your elbows close to your body and your core tight. Squeeze your arm muscles. Hold the barbell for a while, and then push it upwards using your triceps strength. Hold the barbell for a time by locking your arms. Repeat the exercise for the 3-4 reps as a beginner.

13. Stability Ball Push-Up

Stability ball pushes up is an intense exercise that works on your entire body muscles. It strengthens your arms, triceps, biceps, and shoulders. Stability ball push-up also builds your core strength and improves your balancing capacity. Begin with a plank position by placing your feet on the ball and your hands on the floor. Your hands must be just under your shoulders. Hold your body in a straight line. Inhale slowly and bend your elbows such that your chest lowers towards the floor. Push back to the original plank position as you exhale. Repeat the entire exercise about 8-10 times.

Final Thoughts

Well, the exercises that are mentioned above are just a few of the triceps Workouts for Women. There are many more exercises that fall under this category. The main motive for doing these exercises is to increase your triceps’ strength and work on your entire upper arms. In addition, they allow you to make your arms and shoulders much more robust and more stable. This helps you in many other exercises, which include weightlifting and balancing

Triceps Workouts for Women helps you while playing several sports that require strong upper arms and help you with some great dance moves. If done correctly, you can do any of the above-listed triceps workouts to get visible results in a few weeks. These exercises also improve your core strength and balancing capacity. It can also help you build muscles in the upper arms and gain some weight or lose some of it.

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