Many people struggle while losing weight. Not many imagine that for some, gaining weight is as difficult as losing weight. It is, at times, a very tedious task and can be hectic. Generally speaking, underweight is someone who is very skinny. Medically we can call someone underweight if there is an imbalance between his weight and height and there can have many underweight health problems which we are going to discuss here.

World Health Organization (WHO) calls someone underweight if his/ her body mass index (BMI) is below 18.5. For calculating BMI, you can divide your weight in kilograms with the square of your height in meters. 

It can be completed manually or by using an online BMI calculator. Another useful method is by determining the weight and height and comparing it with individuals of the same age group. If it is 15-20% below the average value of weight or height, you can declare the individual as underweight. 

Being underweight can be genetic- which means that either of your parents has defective genes- or a problem with nutrition and daily diet. It is different from anorexia, which is the voluntary missing of meals because of the fear of gaining weight. Anorexia is relatively common in young girls.

If you are underweight, you are likely to contract several underweight health problems. These include bone problems, heart problems, and muscular pain. All the organs of the human body need an adequate supply of nutrients that an undernourished body cannot meet.

Underweight Health Problems and Side-effects of Workout

underweight health problems

It is relatively common for people to get fed up with their skinny bodies, and want to go to the gym to pump iron. Few know that there are several Underweight health problems associated with working out if you are underweight. These can be damaging for you, and the consequences can last longer than you can even imagine. 

Workout includes all the exercises that you do in the gym. These may consist of weight lifting, bench-press, chin-ups, and pushups. These exercises burn lots of calories. A thin body is already deficient in calories so that it can have adverse effects.

One of the central and disastrous consequences can be a fracture of a bone. If your bones are weak because of their low weight, they cannot bear an excessive load. Besides bones, there is a risk of muscular injuries that involve the rupture of muscle fibers or tendons. 

Another main issue is the worsening of already existing problems. If you have generalized aches in your body before joining the gym, they will get worse. It may give you a mistaken sense of the benefits of Workout at the start.

The underweight problem with this is the persistence of these aches for days or even weeks, which can be severely debilitating. It will work in the long run, also lower down your morale of doing anything productive in life.

Aerobic exercises like running, jumping, and swimming help lose weight. If you are already underweight, you cannot afford to lose a single pound, and you can have several underweight health problems if you work out improperly. If you get involved in aerobic activities without proper nutrition, it can lead to further weight reduction.

This increasing reduction in weight can be a severe challenge for your body. Your body will start getting weak day by day instead of getting stronger. It’s a fact that exercise helps strengthen bones and muscles. However, if it’s making you thinner than you were ever before, it’s not worth it. 

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What’s The Solution?

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Does being underweight health problems mean there is no hope for you? Does it mean that you’ll have to be the same skinny and weak guy for the rest of your life? If it doesn’t, then what is the most feasible solution for the problem? 

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Causes Of Sudden Weight Gain

Proper Diet

underweight health problems

The solution lies in managing your diet and developing good eating habits. Eating healthy foods can be very advantageous to gain weight. By gaining weight, you will be safe from all the risks of working out that encompass an underweight individual. The provision of an excellent diet is essential for developing your bones and muscles too. It will also help ward off any disease that you may acquire due to poor nutrition.  

A proper diet is essential for everyone. However, the value of a proper diet is far more significant for you if you are underweight. This diet should include food that is rich in calories and other nutrients that are required for maintaining a healthy life. The calories should be increased in the range of 500-1000 daily. 

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Bananas are a great choice if you are looking forward to gaining a buff in nutrition in your routine. They are excellent for gaining weight and are very healthy for your muscles too. The high content of potassium in bananas ensures that you don’t run out of muscular energy while performing your daily activities. 

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You can start using butter, which is rich in fat content and can excellently supplement the caloric deficiency. Besides, butter, cheese is a great option too. It is everyone’s favorite and is readily available in the market.

If you are not a lover of any of the foods mentioned above, then try going for nuts, or use oils in your meals that are high in healthy fat content. Before using any fuel, make sure it doesn’t have high cholesterol content, as that can be damaging for your heart.

Improved diet and nutrition don’t mean you will have a fit and toned body in the coming years. Over the years, you can be plump if you don’t establish a balance. After you get out of the defined range of underweight individuals, you may start working out. You may begin with aerobics like running and swimming and move to heavy weight-lifting gradually. With proper weight, a Workout will shape your muscles and strengthen your bones. You’ll be healthy and enjoy all the benefits of a strong body.

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FAQs On Underweight Health Problems

I am underweight and don’t have the stamina for a workout, what to do?

It is not important to start a heavy workout at once. Start from the simple walk from home. Then go for running and then start some basic workout at home. When you feel your stamina is building then go to the gym for heavy workouts. No one can become a professional trainer at once, patience and hard work is the key to achieving the target.

Aerobic or strength training which is better?

Aerobic exercises use oxygen for energy and strengthen the heart while strength training is helpful in muscle building. Both exercises have their own importance, Aerobic exercise burns more calories as compared to strength training. So if you want to gain weight then limit the aerobic sessions and do strength training.

How many bananas can I eat daily?

Banana is a rich source of potassium and fiber but it also contains sugar. One banana contains about 450 to 500 m of calcium. As its sugar content is high so it is good not to take more than 3 bananas a day.

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What’s more important for you? A lifestyle that is full of injuries and physical problems? Or a lifestyle your body cherishes, and thanks to you in return for making better choices? You are the master of your body, make the right choice by educating yourself about the problems and how you can avoid it

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