Vitamins That Make You Gain Weight: Best 5

Vitamins That Make You Gain Weight

Vitamins That Make You Gain Weight And Why It Helps

When you want or need to gain weight, you may think that taking some vitamins will help you gain weight. However, some vitamins can harm your body but are not a valid reason for weight gain.

Those vitamins prepare the best way in the body for possible weight gain. So that is why we can call them Vitamins That Make You Gain Weight. 

Some vitamins, such as B-complex, can cause a decrease in hormone levels, which can result in a hunger increasing. So it is an exact reason why we call them Vitamins That Make You Gain Weight. Vitamins are vital for proper body function. It is for metabolism.

However, Vitamins can not work alone. It needs joint work. Thus you will take nutritional foods. In addition, you are to do daily gym. You will take enough rest as well. And then take vitamins. Then it will gain or lose weight depending on your wish.

5 Best Vitamins That Make You Gain Weight

According to recent studies, we have some Vitamins That Make You Gain Weight. These are vitamin B, D, and macronutrients. Such as Iron, Magnesium, and Calcium. Each one of them is urgent for your body. And missing any of them can cause some severe conditions that have to treat soon. These nutrients themselves cannot make you gain weight, but they Make The Best Way For Weight Gain.

1. Vitamin B

Vitamins That Make You Gain Weight

Vitamin B is a nutrient that keeps your nerve and blood cells healthy. It helps to create DNA genetic material in all cells. Thus it can cause many problems. These are some headaches, pale look, fatigue, or others. 

Lack of B vitamins can also result in hair loss, cracked, swollen lips, itchy, red eyes. And this can lead to anemia and cataracts. We know vitamin B as a B-complex that cannot work alone. But in a team. B-complex includes B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, biotin, and folic acid.  

Benefits And Sources Of Vitamin B

There are lots of natural sources of the B-complex. Thus you can get them in milk, eggs, fish, fruit, vegetables, rice, meat, or nuts. In addition, B-complex has a force on hunger hormones which can bring in create your hungry. Therefore, doctors advise B-complex as a group of Vitamins That Can Make You Gain Weight.

These save your heart, skin, nails, hair. It makes your digestion work right as well.

2. Vitamin D

list of vitamins that cause weight gain

Vitamin D is vital for the correct works of your body. This vitamin has a role in supplying routine brain works. It builds your immune system stronger. Thus it protects you from diabetes as well. It also makes your bones and teeth strong. Here it is not one of the Vitamins That Make You Gain Weight. But the lack of D vitamins can create unwanted weight gain.

Benefits And Sources Of Vitamin D

It protects you from cold, keeping your bones and teeth safe. It keeps you safe from anxiety and depression. You can find them in foods such as tuna, saury, salmon, milk, or eggs.

The first source of vitamin D is the sun. When you spend enough time in the sun, it activates vitamin D production in your skin. So that is why it is crucial to spend some time in the sun. Although this is not one of the Vitamins That Make You Gain Weight, it still needs to have enough in your body to gain some weight.  

3. Calcium

Weight gain vitamins for females

Calcium is a macronutrient that we can find in a vast amount in our bodies. Thus it is the bone-builder. So it has a role in losing weight. But also in combination with vitamins That Can Make You Gain Weight. So it can help to put some weight on as well.

Benefits And Sources Of Calcium

The great source of Calcium is milk. That is because milk has other Vitamins That Make You Gain Weight. Thus we can also find Calcium in other sources. These are cheese, butter, pudding, ice cream, fish, fruit, etc. These have lots of other nutrients That can make you gain weight. 

The macronutrient is joint to magnesium and phosphorus. And they have a vital role in keeping you healthy. So Calcium helps you stay free from anxiety, headache, depression, hair and nail problems, and many more.

4. Iron

iron foods

Iron is a vital metal that is more urgent for humans health. Per day iron needs are about 1-2g. Its role is to transfer oxygen to the cells in the whole body. It also provides power that is for the best works of the body. However, this is not one of the best vitamins that make you gain weight. But, it can supply you with healthily getting on weight. It works with other vitamins and nutrients as well to earn good health.

Benefits And Sources Of The Iron

A lot of benefits come from iron in the blood. We will not be able to live if there is no iron. It is crucial for the breathing of our bodies. Also, it has a role in working many ways in the body. Lack of iron can bring severe anemia, vertigo, feeling tired, weak, and pale face.

The best sources of it are green vegetables. These are spinach, peas, eggs, red meat, oysters.

5. Magnesium

Vitamins That Make You Gain Weight

Magnesium is need for the works of the body. Without it, the body couldn’t make energy. And metabolic ways wouldn’t work. 

Magnesium itself doesn’t help you gain weight but combined with other Vitamins That Make You Gain Weight can have a good result. The magnesium can free from pain in the legs and muscle blocks. It also helps to get a higher level of mind. 

Benefits And Sources Of The Magnesium

Magnesium has lots of benefits if it is in the right amount in the body. It gives the routine works of the nerve system. It also helps you handle stress daily. Thus the lack of magnesium can cause exposure to stress, make teeth, nails, and bones safer. And it slows the metabolism. 

We can find magnesium in the green vegetables. We can also get it from dark chocolate, fish, milk, etc. Here it will not gain health alone. Thus in combination with other Vitamins That Make You Gain Weight. It will help you in the right way. 

Vitamins That Make You Gain Weight FAQs

Do Vitamins Help You Gain Weight?

There are no vitamins that make you gain weight. Thus some of them can help get weight if they in combined with other vitamins and nutrients. Hence B-complex adds a few vitamins that work in symbiosis. And we can hear that people are calling them Vitamins That Make You Gain Weight. That is because of its force on the hunger hormones that create your hungry.

How Do I Gain Weight Fast, And What Vitamins Should I Take?

You can gain weight when you add more calories, proteins, and sugar to your nutrition. In order to take vitamins that make you gain weight, you should take B-complex that will increase your appetite. Fast weight gain is not healthy, so it is better to keep your nutrition in balance. You should also start exercising and resting enough. When adding more carbohydrates to the nutrition, make sure to do it selectively, not to shock your body.

Does Vitamin B-Complex Help You Gain Weight?

B-complex adds lots of Vitamins That Make You Gain Weight so that they force create hunger hormones. Thus it results in increasing your hungry.

Does Vitamin C Make You Gain Weight?

Vitamin C doesn’t make you gain weight but keeps your body healthy. So it has an important role when you want to gain weight.

Can Vitamins Cause You To Put On Weight?

Vitamins themselves cannot bring you to put on weight. However, the lack of vitamins can make you gain weight. It is not a healthy way. And could harm your body.

Which Vitamins Or Supplements Can Help A Person Gain Weight Super-Fast?

Taking vitamins A, C, D, B, and macronutrients such as magnesium or Calcium can help you get weight. These nutrients create hungry and energy. So you will eat more and add more calories than you lose per day. You can take supplements to ensure the right amount. In this way, Vitamins That Make You Gain Weight can play their role.


There is no accurate fact about Vitamins That Make You Gain Weight.  But there are some that we use to call vitamins that can make you gain weightIn this case, this name relates to the vitamins that stick hunger hormones, creating hunger.

There are even vegan Vitamins. Vitamins themselves cannot make you gain weight. However, when working combined with other nutrients. And when you do exercise every day and sleep well, it can result in weight gain. 

It is vital to know that the lack of Vitamins Can Bring In Weight Gain. But this is not the right way. You should know that maintain in the right with nutrition and vitamins. Then it will bring you the usual body works. But, to gain weight, without vitamins, you should take more calories. So, in this way, we can say that there are Vitamins That Make You Gain Weight.

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