importance of Weight gain for kids 

Gaining weight in kids in their growing age is pretty healthy and common. As kids are growing, their height is increasing, their bones and all body parts are developing so clearly they will gain weight. It is very important to monitor the rate of weight gain in children.

If they are gaining too fast or not gaining weight, there could be some health issue. But here we will discuss the kids who don’t gain weight properly. If the kid is not gaining weight properly, it may lead to many problems in their further life and may affect their body growth.

Weight gain can be stopped due to many reasons like if he is not eating properly, the energy requirement is more, have some underlying health disease or have some infection. Whatever the reason is, but you have to change his lifestyle to make him healthy. Here we will give some tips to show you how you can help your kids to gain weight in a healthy way. 

Average Kids weight by Years 

Average weight gain for kids may be child to child according to gender, body shape and genetics. Normal a newborn girl has a weight of 3.2 kg, and baby boy has 3.3 kg at the time of birth. Most kids lose weight in the first few weeks of their life, but after 3 4 weeks, he starts regaining the weight.

Baby gains 1 ounce of weight per day till the age of 3 months. He continues gaining weight, and when he is 4 months, his weight is double the weight of what he was born. At the age of 1 year, the weight of kid will be thrice the weight when he was born. The average weight of a 1-year kid is about 9.2 kg.

Weight of 18 months kid is about 10.2 kg, and a 2-year kid will have 11.7 kg. So the average weight gain for kids per year will be about 1 kg to 2 kg. If a kid is not gaining this weight, then you should consult a doctor and take special care of his diet and activities.

1. Provide a balanced and nutritious diet

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Kids can easily gain weight by eating more fats and junk foods, but that will not be healthy. So you should provide a balanced diet for your child. You should add nutrients in the diet to help weight gain for kids. Kids have different requirements of the number of nutrients so you should check a relevant guide for that. Check a proper guide chart and give food according to that.

Small kids cannot eat more food so add a small proportion of very nutrients in their food. Give them a properly balanced diet by adding protein, nuts, vegetables, dairy products and carbohydrates in their food.

Give them those foods which have more level of nutrients like calcium, nitrogen, phosphorus iron because they are very important for their normal body development. Give potatoes, fruits, avocados, spinach, sweet potatoes, yoghurt, some nuts, cheese, and oats and rice etc. as part of their food. 

2. Include fruits to add Vitamins and minerals 

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Fruits and vegetables contain a large number of vitamins and minerals. Carrot is a rich source of vitamin A, citric fruits like oranges, grapefruit and strawberries contain a large amount of vitamin C. Apples, pomegranate and spinach are rich of iron, banana has a large quantity of potassium.

Avocado contains good fatty acids. In the same way, all other fruits will have different nutrients and vitamins. All these things are very important for a kid’s body and mental growth. Include fruits to add vitamins and minerals and help in weight gain for kids. If your kid is too young to eat these things in the solid form, you can blend in combination and give it to them.

Fresh fruits and vegetables contain these nutrients which cannot be obtained from artificial means. Try to cut them in different shapes and make combinations to give them an attractive look for your kid. At a very early age keep away your kid from unhealthy foods and preserved items and add healthy things in their diet. You can even make smoothies for them.

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3. Ensure they eat plenty of protein 

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Protein is one of the important building blocks of muscles, hair, skin, and nails, so it is a very important part of the body. Protein can be obtained from fish, red meat, red beans, chicken, seafood, yellow lentils, soy and many foods. As they are involved in making main parts of the body and make the body strong, so make sure the addition of proteins in kid’s meal.

Luckily kids eat meat in their favourite foods like crispy chicken, pizza, zinger and all these foods. But as these foods are made of refined grains, so they are not very healthy. So include protein in other ways. Make homemade nuggets, make yummy lentil soups by adding their favourite ingredients, and add meat in their daily foods. You can play with ingredients and make yummy attractive foods for them. But it Is important to ensure they eat plenty of protein. 

4. Enhance foods

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It is very important to give healthy foods in a kid’s meal. Try to meet all his nutrient requirements by food so he wouldn’t need any extra supplements. As a young age is an age for developing bones, brain, all body parts and mental health too, so he needs extra nutrients in this age.

He needs extra calcium for bone development. To enhance the food of your kid. Nuts are very good and nutritious, but small kids less than 1 year of age cannot eat nuts. So add nuts butter in their meal. Make foods in which cheese is used. You can also add cheese in normal food.

Use milk powder because it is fortified with extra nutrients, including potassium and calcium, and sometimes iron too. Enhance the food quality of kids and add extra healthy foods to meet their nutrients requirements; this will really help in weight gain for kids. 

5. Use child-Friendly supplements

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It is important to give natural nutrients in the form of fruits, vegetables and grains to your kid. But in some cases, kids need extra nutrients, or the child is very picky in food so his nutrients requirements cannot fulfil. In that case, you can give them supplements, but that must be child-friendly supplements. Here are some particular minerals which the kids need the most like calcium, potassium, iron, protein etc.

If you feel your kid is weak and sufficient of minerals, then it is good to consult a physician. He will check the nutrients level and will prescribe some supplements which will be suitable for kids. Most kids have a deficiency of calcium, vitamin D, and iron so these supplements can easily be given to the child. 

6. Presentation is a crucial factor for kids’ food

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Kids don’t like that typical simple food. Presentation is a crucial factor for kids’ food. They don’t like eating that boring colourless food. So when you give them simple food, they will not eat it.

So they will not gain a healthy weight. So for helping weight gain for kids make food attractive in look. Mix different colors, fruits, and vegetables and make it colorful. Make nuggets and patties for them in different shapes. Buy utensils for kids having their favorite cartoon characters printed on it.

Make different faces with foods and give them to your kid. Also, make stories about foods and tell them to your kid to develop an interest in them. Upbringing a healthy child is not as simple as many people think. You have to awake artist and storyteller in you to build interest in things in your kid. So is the case with the food because the physical presence is more important for them. 

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FAQs On Weight gain for kids 

My kid is a very picky eater, what can I do?

It is pretty common in many kids, so you don’t have to worry about it. Add those things in his meal which he likes the most. Give an attractive presentation to his meals. Do different experiments in cooking and try different dishes considering his favourite things prior. Ask him before making a meal for him and if he is a big child involve him in preparing food. 

What can I use instead of peanut butter?

You can use almond butter, hazelnut butter, soy butter, pea butter, coconut butter, pumpkin seed butter and cashew butter. You can also take whole nuts instead of their butter, they are also very healthy. 

What vitamins do children need on a daily basis?

Kids need more nutrients and vitamins as compared to a young man. Some vitamins are water-soluble, so they are needed daily. Those vitamins are all subtypes of vitamin B, vitamin D, vitamin E and other minerals including calcium and iron. 

What are the protein needs of a 2.5 years old boy?

Kids between 2 and 3 years of age require 13 to 15 grams of protein a day. You can give this protein to him in the form of an egg, chicken, red meat, lentils soups, red beans and even fish. 

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Early age is the most crucial age of a kid in which his body is developing his maximum requirements. His muscles are building, the brain is developing, and bones are making strong. Along with all the development, his height and weight are also increasing.

So at this age, he will need extra nutrients. So extra care about nutrients, mineral and vitamins intake is needed. In case he is not taking proper nutrients, then he may gain many health problems like softening of bone, height shortening, immature mental health, anaemia and many problems.

So their weight should be monitored properly, and nutrient level must be checked. In this article, we have discussed general information about weight gain for kids. We hope it will help you a lot. 

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