The natural phenomenon for gaining weight is to take more nutrition than what the body requires. Most of the time, skinny guys get an impression of eating more for gaining weight. But their weight does not go up at all.

It is because whatever they take does not have enough nutrition that could surpass the body’s requirement. Indeed, they, in reality, do not need to take more food. Instead, they need to eat that food which has more calories.

That’s the reason on this post we are going to discuss weight gain meal plan for skinny guys. Having a more fatty meal or a surplus amount of carbohydrates has its consequences. The common one is obesity, and no one wants to be obese.

Here is a few weight gain meal plan for skinny guys that we have gathered from the recommendations of the expert nutrients. Have a look:

A Basic Whole Day Weight Gain Meal Plan for Skinny Guys

Typically the nutritionists focus on gaining enough weight is not to top 24.9 BMI, which means it is the last point of a healthy weight. And if you cross that, you will fall under the category of overweight.

They recommend not to go so far, as if you accelerate more than it would be difficult to control. The basic weight gain meal plan for skinny guys suggests taking something that lasts all day long, but there should be an order to do so.

And the sequence should follow very precisely and regularly. Just an hour before breakfast, prefer taking tea. If you are not fond of tea, drink a cup of coffee with milk and sugar. 


weight gain meal plan for skinny guys

Next move to the breakfast. In breakfast, take a couple of slices of multigrain bread. Spread butter with the low fat on them and get an omelet along with it. Or you may fry the slices in the butter and make an omelet sandwich. The other day you may take porridge, cornflakes, or oat.

On the next breakfast, you may cook the farrago rice, often referred to as Khichdi. Khichdi or Hotchpotch comes from Sub-continent and is one of the national dishes of Nepal. If not the farrago rice, you may go with the flattened rice, which is the rice flakes. 

Another option is the Upma, which is the breakfast cooked using rice flour. Well, this day would be the rice breakfast day. On the next day, cook tortillas and roll cooked veggies in them. You may choose the veg of your choice to add in the meal.

It is because the vegetables are all good. With all this breakfast, take a glass of fruit juice. I prefer preparing homemade Juices, which takes a lot of time to make. But it is better than the chemical-based, sugar punched commercial juices.


Weight Gain Meal Plan

Then comes the brunch time. That will undoubtedly fall amid the office hours. So the plan suggests not to cook anything during that time, as it will consume plenty of it. Better is to get a glass of milk.

And if you are at home, try preparing a shake or smoothie though you may have an option to order something from a favorite or nearby restaurant. But that is not recommended.

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Proven Weight Gain Home Remedies


weight gain meal plan

The lunch takes the point to recharge your body. It is wise to take fewer meals than breakfast, but not too little that should not impact your nutrition level. Just like breakfast, there are plenty of options available for lunch.

You may set them accordingly, but make sure the timings and the plan do not shuffle too much. On the first day, you may take rice. A lot of guys prefer taking boiled rice, though that is a nutrient-filled diet.

But prefer taking another meal with it, such as cooked veg, chicken or red meat. The next day, I prefer bringing the beans salad, mixed with red beans and vegetables. The day next to it, bring vegetable food along and take in during the meal break with plain or flavored bread.

For the next lunch, curry, and chicken, fish, or red meat food. There are plenty of recipes to try. Try them up, but make sure to avoid surplus carbs. Focus on calories, vitamins, proteins, and good fats. We can find sufficient good fats in lean cuts of red meat.

Along with every lunch, do not forget to take a regular vegan salad that includes onions, tomatoes, cucumber, and carrots. Afterward, if you could get a dessert after the meal that will bring in its benefits, one of the foremost benefits is that desserts help in digesting food.

Yet after you reach back home from work, get a chicken or vegetable sandwich added with cheese. You may switch it with any other low-calorie meal, such as baked potatoes stuffed with avocado, chicken, or cheese.


weight gain meal plan at dinner

Next, the weight gain meal plan for skinny guys will be ending with dinner. For dinner, you should take the least calories compared to lunch and breakfast. For that, you may choose from pulses, rice, grams, or beans.

You can also stick with the salads containing low calories. I recommend low-calorie meal, as, after dinner, you have to sleep, and the heavy meals may cause problems while sleeping.

An hour after dinner, take a glass of hot milk. Milk helps in letting you sleep peacefully. The better you sleep, the healthier you may become. But do not oversleep. 

We need a variation plan to remain in the budget and a scalable option. There are even some fixed plans that recommend taking red meat, carbs, and fats. But that is certainly an expensive option to take into consideration.

We understand that everyone cannot afford to spend much on their diet. Indeed, sticking to the regular meal, and merely increasing the calorie level would bring in the results.

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The Calorie Calculator:

The Calorie Calculator is essential to know how many calories do you require and how much you are burning away every day. If you know proper calculation then following of weight gain meal plan for skinny guys will be easier for you.

The calculation depends on the routine of the person. In general, women need around 2,000 calories a day to maintain themselves. And men require around 2,500 calories a day. For gaining weight, as per the ideal situation, more calories are to be taken compared to the general requirement. 

Based on the calories calculator, you may adjust the diet plan that we have suggested above. First, how would you calculate your calorie requirement in a day? Men should calculate it this way: 66 + (6.2 x bodyweight) + (12.7 x total height) – (6.76 x complete age).

The women can calculate it as: 655.1 + (4.35 x bodyweight) + (4.7 x total height) – (4.7 x complete age). Enter weight in pounds (lbs) and height in inches. And for the age, use the years. The calculation attained gives the calorie requirement without doing anything or quite less work.

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FAQs For Weight gain meal plan for skinny guys

What weight is considered skinny?

For this you have to check your body mass index or BMI. You can check it online by entering height and weight. It will show some numbers. If BMI is less than 18 then you are considered to be underweight or skinny.

Which is better for gaining fat or muscle?

Fat is a scattered piece of droplets of fats which is large in size. Muscle is a piece of meat in body which give you strength and help in movement and physical activity. Gaining fat will just increase the mass of body but it has nothing to do with physical health. It is important but in small amount. So gaining muscle and make them strong is better.

Should I regularly have brunch?

Overall the concept of weight gain is to increase and divide calories in different meals. If you complete your calories in mail meal then you can skip brunch but not regularly. Dividing meal will help in healthy weight gain.

What can I use instead of milk?

For dairy portion of food and to get calcium you can take yogurt, cheese, buttermilk or some plant based milk. You also can take rice milk, evaporated milk, and also can take whole nuts to gain nutrition.

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Final Words

Ahead of that, to calculate the average calorie requirement based on your work level, add points to it. The working levels have been assigned various aspects based on body involvement, fatigue, and exercise level.

If you are a person who sits in the office the whole day long, go back home, relax and watch TV and then sleep. Then your value is 1.2. Multiply it to the calorie level attained through the formulas, as mentioned above, and you will know how much actual calories you need in a day.

Accordingly, the points increase based on the activity level. The range includes 1.37, 1.55, 1.725, and 1.9. Be sure that the value 1.9 is for those who keep on moving the whole day during work. It is precisely the best defined as labor work.

Once you get the calculation, adjust the plan, and add the meals according to their calorie level. Please follow the above weight gain meal plan for skinny guys. This way, you would be able to exceed the scale and start to gain weight.

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