Weight Gain Meal Plan on a Budget

Weight gain is considered a challenge by most people who have a limited budget. However, this is not true. Most of us have the perception that weight gain can happen to achieve through consuming protein supplements and other expensive food items. If you choose the right nutritious food and prepare a fixed meal plan.

Then your goal of weight gain meal plan on a budget is not difficult to achieve. You need to be very disciplined and committed to weight gain. Which will help you achieve your desired goal? Some essential tips which will help you create a weight gain meal plan on a budget are detailed below: 

1. Create a Budget-Friendly Shopping List 

Weight Gain meal Plan On A Budget

The first step towards developing a weight gain meal plan on a budget is to create a budget-friendly shopping list. You should know what your body needs precisely to create a budget-friendly shopping list. Weight gain should be a normal process of mass muscle growth.

You should avoid eating trans-fat or other harmful food products, which will only lead to weight gain through fat. You should not get your incremental calories only from carbohydrates or fats Which is an unhealthy way of gaining weight.

2. Prefer Protein-Rich Weight Gaining Food

Eating protein-rich food is an active and healthy way of gaining weight. Protein is an essential ingredient for promoting healthy weight gain by building your muscle mass. There are many online calculators available. Which you can refer to for determining your daily protein intake requirements.

As a guide, you should try to consume approximately half a gram of protein per pound of your body weight. If you weight 150 pounds, then you must target consuming at least 75 grams of protein daily. You can add food products like eggs, chicken, soya, peanut butter, etc. which are protein-rich food and are budget-friendly also. 

3. Buy Affordable Weight Gain Food

To ensure weight gain meal plan on a budget. You should always buy affordable weight gain food. You should not necessarily buy food from the nearest store. Instead, it is better to explore different stores to get the best deal. You may also save money from buying meat from your nearby butcher instead of buying it from the meat counter at your nearest supermarket.

You may also consider purchasing a whole chicken, which is cheaper than cut chicken. You can buy dairy products like milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, etc. In bulk, as they are less expensive than buying in small quantities. You can buy a large bag of dried beans and rice as they have a longer shelf life. They also contain protein, which is essential for weight gain. 

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4. Buy Food in Bulk 

Weight Gain meal Plan On A Budget 2

Once you have made the decision to gaining weight and are committed to it, you should plan to buy food in bulk. Some stores can provide you with discounts and reasonable offers if you purchase them in bulk from them. Many protein-rich foods like vegetables, nuts, dried beans, whole grains, etc. are sold in the supermarket in bulk at lower prices.

It will cost you much less for buying a large container compared to buying them in small quantities. You can also search online for excellent deals on buying weight gain food items in bulk quantities. This is one of the best things you can do while planning a weight gain meal plan on a budget.

5. Introduce Budget-Friendly Supplements in Your Diet

Another quick way of gaining weight is to take weight gain supplements. You can consider adding budget-friendly supplements to your diet for expediting your weight gain. You mustn’t go overboard doing this. These supplements should only be added over and above your staple weight gain meal and should not replace them.

The supplements should not be the majority of your diet. You can consume supplements like protein shakes after a strenuous workout, which will help you in weight gain. Supplements can cost you a lot, so you need to assess their value before making the purchase carefully. Creatine supplements and whey protein powder are right budget-friendly supplements which you can consider for weight gain. 

6. Try Ready to Go Food 

Weight Gain meal Plan On A Budget 3

If you have a hectic lifestyle, then it is best to carry your weight, gain food for consuming it on the go. You can buy proper quality food containers of different sizes for storing your healthy weight gain meals. If you can manage, it will help you stay on track with your budget and nutrient requirements. 

7. Create a Meal Plan

Once you have decided on the type of food needed for weight gain, you need to prepare a weight gain meal plan on a budget. You can make a weekly budget for knowing how much you can spend on your meal plan.

This budget will help you in breaking down your food to be purchased into different categories like proteins, whole grains, fats, etc. Creating a meal plan will ensure that you buy a healthy diet for weight gain and stick to your budget.

A meal plan also makes you disciplined and ensures that you religiously follow it without skipping, which is essential for healthy weight gain. 

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A Sample Weight Gain Diet

There are many different types of meal plans for skinny guys which you can consider for healthily gaining weight. You should ensure that you don’t start consuming unhealthy saturated or trans-fat for weight gain. You can follow the below-mentioned meal plan for healthy weight gain or make a meal plan from high calorie meals:

Pre- Breakfast

· One cup of tea or coffee with full-fat milk and sugar. 


  • Two multigrain pieces of bread with low-fat butter and egg omelet.
  • Or, a bowl of cornflakes, oats, or porridge.
  • Or, fruit or a glass of fresh fruit juice. 


· A glass of full-fat milk with any health drink of your choice or whey protein


  • A small bowl of rice or two chapattis.
  • One cup of pulses.
  • Half cup of vegetable curry.
  • Three ounces of chicken or a piece of fish/egg/tofu/cottage cheese.
  • Mix salad.
  • A bowl yogurt. 

Evening Snacks

  • Vegetable sandwich with cheese.
  • Baked skin-potatoes with avocado dip. 


  • Half a cup of brown rice and one bowl of kidney beans or mushroom curry.
  • Mixed salad.

Before Bed 

· A glass of full-fat milk.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What amount should be enough for a week?

You cannot gain healthy weight rapidly, it will take time. Weight gain process will take about 4 weeks to start. After that gaining about 1 to 2 pounds per week is normal. You should not gain more than this weight because that weight will not be healthy.

Can’t I use lean red meat for protein?

Red meat is a rich source of protein. It is better to take mutton instead of beef. You can use red meat as protein source but not more than 350 grams a week. So you also add plant based protein in meals.

How long will bulk vegetables be fresh?

Every vegetable has a different shelf life. Broccoli will be fresh for 3 to 5 days, cabbage for 7 days, beets for about 2 weeks, onion and potatoes for 1 to 2 months and tomatoes for 3 to 5 days.

Can you recommend some budget friendly supplements?

Best budget-friendly supplements present in the market are Davisco whey protein, Saputo protein. These protein powders are safe to take. With them, you can take any easily available multivitamins. Bodybuilding and weight gain supplements are not good so we will not recommend them.

Last Words on Weight Gain Meal Plan On A Budget

Many think that weight gain is an expensive affair, which is far from the truth. With our guide, you can easily plan a weight gain meal plan on a budget and fulfill your goals easily.

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