Desire to Weight Gain on Holiday?

Everyone appears to be losing weight these days. However, there are always people who need to gain some weight to avoid weakness and save themselves from cardiovascular diseases. Low weight can also cause bone problems and muscular weakness. So, it is essential to maintain adequate weight and avoid weight loss. Here we are going to discuss few tips which will help you to weight gain on holiday.

Here are some of the pleasing tips you should consider for gaining weight in the holidays:

1. Adding a snack between meals

Adding snacks is the best way to gain weight, and is very easy to implement. It requires taking some extra nutrition between the regular meals. The snacks that you can eat are mostly the ones high in fats and proteins. The caloric value is also significant while selecting a snack. Following are some of the great meals recommended by many nutritionists and dietitians which will help you to weight gain on holiday:


Yoghurt for Weight gain on Holiday
Yoghurt for Weight gain on Holiday

Yogurt is an excellent addition to your everyday life when it comes to gaining weight. It is easy to digest and also increases the number of useful bacteria in your intestine. It has high calcium content and can be an excellent source for supplementing your daily calcium needs. Yoghurt is inexpensive, and you can also add fruits in it for taste.

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Fruits for Weight Gain
Fruits for Weight Gain

Eating fruits is excellent for maintaining a healthy life. Out of all the fruits, bananas are great for gaining weight. They are delicious and easy to digest. It makes them everyone’s favourite food for gaining weight.

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Oats for Gain Weight

Oats are an all-rounder when we are talking about the nutritional value. They contain fats, proteins and lots of calories. There is oatmeal available in the market that can be an excellent source for quickly gaining adequate weight. Fruits like mangoes and strawberries go well with grain for taste and extra minerals.

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Eggs- Eggs have been in use for decades as one of the best sources for gaining weight. They are natural and are easy to obtain. Boiled eggs have excellent nutritional value. 

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate for weight gain

This is for the chocolate lovers. Dark chocolate has fat and some amount of protein. However, dark chocolate is low in the caloric content, making it not a very good option for gaining weight.


Cheese is very high in fat and calories. It can be either eaten alone or taken with some meal to increase the caloric value of the meal. It helps gain weight and strengthens the bones.

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Nuts are a rich source of fats and vitamins. They are good a tasty snack for gaining weight. The type of nut doesn’t matter as much as the caloric and nutritional value. However, nuts can be a relatively expensive diet if you are going to consume them regularly.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a delicious and lovely addition to your daily eating habits. You can eat them with a variety of foods the most famous being bread. 


Icecream for weight gain

Are you an ice cream lover? If so then this can be a great option over the holidays for adding those extra pounds. It should not be taken regularly due to the risk of causing sore-throat and other respiratory tract problems associated with it.

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2. Modifying your daily meals

Meals low in caloric content can be bad for your overall health. If you are looking to gain weight in the holidays, you should consider making some changes to your daily meals. Some of the appropriate changes that can be done to your meals regularly are as follows:

Olive/Coconut Oil

You should use oils which are rich in fat to prepare meals. They will increase the caloric and fat content of the meal, and assist you in your effort of gaining weight in the holidays. 

Meat/ Fish

Meat, especially beef, is a rich source of protein and iron. It should be a part of your meals regularly. If you don’t like meat, you can add fish to your meals which will add the same nutritional value, and help you gain the same amount of weight over time. If you are a vegan, you can exchange meat with soybean which gives more or less the equal caloric value.

3. Taking an extra meal every day

Taking an extra meal every day can be an excellent option. It helps increase the daily calories and help you meet your nutritional goals. It may be difficult for some people at the start and can lead to vomiting in some people. So, you can take several small meals during the day to avoid any conditions that can affect your health.

This extra meal can be similar to the ones you are already taking or different. It may have some new nutritious foods that can boost your dietary calories, and make you gain some extra pounds over the holidays.

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4. Avoiding junk and low-calorie food

If you desire to weight gain on holiday, then remember Junk food that includes a burger and fried food is bad for gaining weight and overall health. It contains unsaturated fatty acids that are hard to digest by the digestive system and can also cause heart problems. Besides junk food, some foods have a low caloric value, and you should avoid them at all costs — some of the foods to avoid.

  • Burgers
  • Chips
  • French fries
  • Soda
  • Coffee (especially black coffee)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is holiday weight gain good for health?

Holiday weight gain is a weight gain that occurs without any conscious effort. It is really healthy for those who want to gain weight. It helps you to put on weight without having the stress of counting calories constantly or thinking of workout all the time.

Excessive oil and meat are bad for health?

Anything taken in excess is bad, the same goes for oil and meat. Oil contains a greater amount of fats and meat also possesses high protein and cholesterol content. Both of these can raise blood cholesterol level if taken in excess which can be dangerous.

How many calories should I increase?

For a healthy but slow weight gain, you should increase the consumption of about 300-500 calories than the normal consumption. However, for a fast weight gain, you can intake 700-1000 calories.

Final Words

Gaining weight can also be as difficult as losing weight. However, there are easy hacks available that can help you weight gain on holiday. 

Introducing a snack between meals and make that a daily routine. It can help you gain weight in no time and can provide several health benefits besides gaining weight. Modification of regular meals is also an appropriate choice. Meat and related products add to the caloric value and help gain weight in a short time. 

Adding an extra meal to the already existing routine daily is also a viable option. It needs to be carefully monitored and should be adjusted if it leads to any medical condition. Avoiding low calorie and junk food is also high for preventing weight loss and promote weight gain. Have you already made your choice?  

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