How weights gain during pregnancy distribute in the body? 

Weight gain pregnancy breakdown is important to know for mothers. Weight gain during pregnancy distributes in the different parts of the body. We often consider that weight we gain during pregnancy goes to our belly.

But in reality, it doesn’t. It does not only go to the bellies of mothers, but it divides into a specific ratio among different parts of the body. Weight gain during pregnancy is very important for both mother and baby. How much weight you should gain during pregnancy breakdown is vary from woman to woman. 

Underweight women should gain higher weight than the overweight women during pregnancy period. If you are carrying twins, then weight gain pregnancy breakdown is different for you. You should maintain your weight during pregnancy.

Do not eat too much or too little while you are pregnant. Here in this article, we will go through how important it is to gain weight during pregnancy, how you can gain weight healthy and lose during your pregnancy. We will talk about weight gain pregnancy breakdown. 

Importance of weight gain while pregnancy period

Weight gain during pregnancy is very important and essential for both mother and baby. Weights you gain in the period of your pregnancy provide help to your baby to grow. This weight gain during the pregnancy gives nourishment and food to your developing child.

This is also saved for breastfeeding one baby after the birth of the baby. Weight gaining at the steady and gradual rate can lower the chances of having indigestion, backache, shortness of the breath, fatigue, hemorrhoids, and the stretch marks, etc. 

1. How much weight should you gain during pregnancy?

The important question is how much weight one should gain during pregnancy? The answer to this question varies from mother to mother. The weight gain during pregnancy depends on the size and the shape of one body before pregnancy. 

  • Weight gain during pregnancy typically is about twenty-five to thirty-five pounds (25-35 lb). BMI for this is 18.5 to 24.9.
  •  For the underweight women, doctors recommend a weight gain of about 25-40 pounds during the pregnancy. BMI for this is less than 18.5.
  • Women with overweight should gain weight from 15 lbs to 25 lbs during pregnancy with a BMI of 25 to 29.9.
  • If the women are obese before pregnancy, doctors recommend a weight gain of 11 to 20 lbs, with a BMI of 30 above. 

So, underweight women should gain more weight, and overweight women should gain less for normal weight during pregnancy

2. Weight gain during pregnancy with twins

Weight Gain Pregnancy Breakdown 1

If pregnant women are carrying twins, then the weight gain of a mother with twins should be checked by the doctors or nutritionists. Weight gain for women who carry twins should be more than normal pregnancy, but it must not double than a normal pregnancy. 

  • For women with normal weight and normal BMI before pregnancy should also be normal. The average weight gain breakdown for these women is 37 pounds to 54 pounds. 
  • Weight gain breakdown for overweight women should be 31 pounds to 50 pounds for twins. 
  • Women who have obesity before pregnancy must have a weight gain breakdown of about 25 pounds to 42 pounds. 

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3. Weight gain pregnancy breakdown during trimesters

Weight Gain Pregnancy Breakdown 2

Normal pregnancy time is about 40 weeks. It can vary. We divide it into the 3 trimesters. One trimester lasts for 12 to 14 weeks, approximately or 3 months. 

First Trimester

First Trimester During the first trimester, one should gain minimum weight from 1.1 to 4.4 pounds (0.5 – 2.0 kg). In the first trimester, you gain too much weight or lose too much weight then and then consult with your doctor. Be careful about your diet. Eat healthy and nutritious food regularly according to the diet plan your doctor has prescribed you. 

Second Trimester 

During the second trimester, one should gain weight steadily and gradually. The average of which is about 0.5 to 1.0 lb (0.2 to 0.5 kilograms) per seven days. If one is gaining more weight during 2nd trimester, then one should contact her doctor about this situation. 

Third Trimester 

During the third trimester, one should again gain weight steadily and gradually. The average of which is about 0.5 to about 1.0 lb (0.2 to 0.5 kilograms) per seven days. If one is not gaining more weight during 3rd trimester, then one should contact her doctor about this situation. In this period, you should take good care of your diet. Take healthy and rich in calories foods. 

4. Weight gain pregnancy breakdown

Weight Gain Pregnancy Breakdown 3

Do you ever think how your weight during the pregnancy is distributed in your body? We often misunderstand it. We use to think that all weight gain is going to our bellies. But it is not in the actual case. Weight gain pregnancy breakdown means that the weight gain is distributed in different parts of the body. Here we discuss the weight gain pregnancy breakdown. 

Weight gain pregnancy breakdown is given below:

  • The weight goes to the baby is 7 to 8 pounds.
  • Weight for Placenta is 1 to 2 pounds. 
  • Amniotic fluids gain weight of about two pounds. 
  • The weight gain of the uterus is also 2 pounds. 
  • Maternal breast tissues gain weight of about two (2) pounds. 
  • Blood of women gains weight of approximately 4 lbs. 
  • Mother’s nutrient and fat stores about 7 pounds of weight during the pregnancy. 

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FAQs On Weight gain pregnancy breakdown 

How can you gain pregnancy weight in a healthy way? 

Weight gain pregnancy breakdown is essential and vital for both baby and mother of the baby. For the healthy development of the baby, a perfect and authentic diet chart with perfect minerals and vitamins is necessary. You should seek proper guidance from the doctor and nutritionist in this regard. Especially in the case when you are underweight or obese.

How to gain weight in healthy ways during pregnancy?

A few steps and resources to weight gain pregnancy breakdown in healthy ways:
Do not skip meals. Take breakfast every morning of the everyday. You should eat butter or slices of cheese with bread for the extra amount of proteins in your body. 
Make sure the use of dried fruits in your diet for the extra quantity of proteins and minerals.
Take milk and yogurt daily for weight gain pregnancy breakdown. Milk and yogurt provide calcium for you and your baby. 
For weight gain pregnancy breakdown, you should eat foods that contain good and healthy fats, for instance, nuts, olive oil, and fatty fish, etc. 
Drink fresh juice for the weight gain pregnancy breakdown. Try to drink those juices which are rich for Vitamins C and beta carotene, for instance, orange juice, carrot juice. You can take the nectar of papaya and apricot for the weight gain.
You should not take junk food.
Take additional vitamins and supplements for healthy weight gain pregnancy breakdown. 

How to lose pregnancy weight?

If you are disturbed and worry about high weight gain pregnancy breakdown and want to lose weight during pregnancy, normally, Doctors do not allow for dieting to lose weight during pregnancy breakdown. Here are some tips to lose weight during pregnancy safely. 
Do not eat foods too rich in fats. Instead of taking other oils, use olive oil. 
Do not drink soft drinks. Soft drinks are unhygienic for you and your baby during pregnancy.
Cut down junk food during pregnancy 
Exercise regularly as your doctor prescribed you for normal weight gain pregnancy breakdown. 

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Final Thoughts

So, weight gain while you are pregnant is essential and important for the healthy development and growth of your baby. One should be careful during pregnancy period. Eat healthy food, fresh juices, and fruits daily. Take milk regularly, and don’t skip meals. 

Maintain your weight during pregnancy. You should not gain too much weight and lose too much weight while you are pregnant. Gaining and losing too much weight can cause serious problems and complexities during pregnancy and the birth of a baby. 

You should seek guidance from your doctor and nutritionist for the healthy development and growth of your baby. Take all precautionary measures your doctor prescribes you. Make sure to measure your weight regularly. Try to remain happy and calm during your pregnancy period. Don’t eat too much food if you are carrying twins. Do not forget to take additional minerals, vitamins, and supplements, etc. These are necessary for the health of you and your baby.

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