Weight gain pregnancy tracker And benefits

When you get pregnant, you may want to track your pregnancy on your own, besides the doctor. A great way to do so is to have a sort of diary. These days there is plenty of possibilities to track your pregnancy via apps.

There are many weight gain pregnancy tracker apps on the market, and most of them are free for download. These apps are made for writing down the data on your devices such as a smartphone or iPad. Usually, the apps are available on iOS and Android as well. 

Depending on the app, you can track your weight gain, baby’s growth, or read articles related to pregnancy and labor. You can also count weeks and trimesters by these apps. There is another purpose they are made for, and it is to remind you of taking your vitamins or minerals. 

Some of the most popular weight gain pregnancy apps are Pregnancy +, Pregnancy pounds, Pregnancy weight tracker lite, Cinemama, Himommy pregnancy tracker, Webmd pregnancy, The Bump, Hello baby pregnancy tracker, Ovia Pregnancy tracker, Sprout- pregnancy, Pregnancy tracker Baby bump, what to expect pregnancy and baby tracker, Pregnancy and baby app.

All these apps are good because you can find many tips about handling the pregnancy, read other mother’s experiences about pregnancy and labor, even write your own and upload.

You can find recipes for healthy meals, the recommendation for exercises, and many other things that are quite interesting and funny. But remember, the app cannot be your guide through the pregnancy, you always have to see a doctor and listen to his advice.

What To Expect From Pregnancy And Baby Tracker?

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Here is another one weight gain pregnancy tracker available for iOS and Android. The app is very popular and uses fruit images to show and compare the baby’s growth. It measures growth quite precisely, but it can be confusing because you cannot measure baby inside the belly and compare it with lemon, can’t you?

Anyway, it is a funny and nice-looking app that can make the time shorter, while you are expecting your baby.

12 Best Pregnancy Weight Trackers

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1. Pregnancy +

This is a weight gain pregnancy tracker that has very high rates on the app store. It is available for iOS and Android as well. 

The app allows you to track baby’s kicks and teaches you about baby’s growth by using different illustrations and images. It is very funny, because it shows you images of the baby inside the belly, from different angles and pregnancy stages. 

You can see how the baby is looking while in the belly, and the images are very realistic.

2. Pregnancy pounds

Pregnancy pounds is a weight gain pregnancy tracker available on iOS. It is made to calculate your weight, and track your weight gain week by week. You can set a target weight and the app will lead you towards it. 

The app is following your progress on a weekly bases, and trough trimesters too. It is easy to use. Your progress is shown on a visual timeline and allows you to track easily whatever stage you want. 

3. Pregnancy weight tracker lite

This is a very simple weight gain pregnancy tracker that you can download on your iPhone or iPad. As you can see, the app is available only for iOS. This app follows your weight before getting pregnant and tracks weight gain in pregnancy week by week. 

It works very simply and easily. You might want to download it to track weight gain in a very simple way. 

4. Sprout-pregnancy

Sprout-pregnancy weight gain pregnancy tracker is an app with super high rates available for Android as well as for iOS. It is a very interesting app with many contents. 

You can find doctor’s articles about pregnancy, weight gain, development of the baby inside the womb, and articles on many other topics. Also, there are articles about the mother’s experience of pregnancy, meeting their newborns for the first time, and other confessions of what women have gone through during pregnancy and labor. 

The app is great for tracking the development of your baby week by week, and through the trimesters. It looks very nice, easy to use and interesting. 

4. Cinemama

This is a unique weight gain pregnancy tracker with different options from the other weight gain pregnancy tracker apps. It is available only for iOS.

It has an option that represents a sort of diary that you can use to follow your pregnancy. There is a possibility to record the memories and make the photos via photo editor and belly grid. Of course, the app is including a weight gain tracker and reminder for taking nutrients, as well as the counter of weeks and trimesters.

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5. Ovia pregnancy

This is a weight gain pregnancy tracker that you can use on your iOS or Android devices. It allows you to track your weight gain, but you can also personalize your account on the app to use it for counting your body mass index, age, and history of any changes on your body. It contains a fitness tracker too. 

You can ask the app about your nutrition and nutrients you may consider taking. The app is great, it recommends the best supplements and reminds you of taking them on time. This weight gain pregnancy tracker is designed to help you have good health and wellness.

6. Himommy pregnancy tracker

This weight gain pregnancy tracker is an app that you have to have. First of all, it is available for iOS as well as for Android. It has very high rates and women say that is perfect.

A very nice-looking application that works in a simple way. The best part of the app is that it provides a checklist. This is a list of things you need to bring to the hospital for newborn babies and mothers as well. And guess what? The experts approved the exact list you have on the app. There is also a list of what to have at home for newborns and moms. The app is free to download. 

It is available for free but only for iOS.

7. Pregnancy tracker: Baby bump

This weight gain pregnancy tracker is very simple to use. The app has an option for counting contraction time and baby’s kicks. It looks astonishing with the interface in pink color that all women like. 

8. WebMD pregnancy

Weight gain pregnancy tracker called WebMD pregnancy is available on iOS. The app contains a symptom tracker in case you feel something strange. You can add the change to the tracker and make sure to don’t forget to mention it when you see the doctor next time. There are also kick and contraction counters, and a section for memories. 

With this app, you can save some photos of your belly in case you would like to see them later. The app provides some articles about pregnancy and the stages you are going through. 

9. Pregnancy Tracker & Baby App

This is a very popular weight gain pregnancy tracker with many options. It is easy to use, and very nice-looking. You can download it for free on iOS and Android as well. It allows you to track your weight gain, baby’s growth, and shows you some pictures of the baby week by week. The images are shown from different angles which are quite interesting and funny.

There is an option that seems like the baby is texting you and taking selfies from the belly, which is adorable and makes the app very cute.

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10. The Bump

The Bump is a very good weight gain pregnancy tracker that has a focus on baby’s growth and development. There are many articles about healthy pregnancy nutrition on the app. It is great because it constantly reminds you that you are handling the pregnancy very well and that you are going to be a great mother. 

It is motivating and can make you feel better when you are tired of pregnancy. The app is providing kind of support for women and that is probably what makes it so highly rated. 

This weight gain pregnancy tracker is very popular and available on iOS and Android as well.

11. Pregnancy & Baby App

Weight gain pregnancy tracker available on iOS and Android. 

This app is tracking your weight gain, baby’s kicks and growth. It is similar to the others we have mentioned here. But here is something that makes it different from others.

 It allows you to connect with your partner’s device, so the two of you can track pregnancy together. It also allows you to link with other apps such as Apple Health or MyFitnessPal to gather the data and provide you the best results. It is free for download and many couples decided to have it because the men like to know more about pregnancy too. 

12. Hello belly: Pregnancy tracker

This weight gain pregnancy tracker is a super cute app that you can download for free on iOS and Android too. It provides you everything that the other apps do, such as tracking weight gain, baby’s growth, kicks, and counter of contractions. But in this app, it is about the style in which information is provided. Here we are talking about the less strict medical style of writing articles and making it funnier and more interesting for you. 

The app is providing you tips about how to handle the pregnancy in illustrations. It is very cute with all those illustrations, so you can learn something new every day. The tips are mostly about nutrition and exercise. There is a section about yoga exercises that are good for pregnant ladies. If you follow these instructions you may achieve better health and body shape, and get through the labor easier. 

The funniest part is that a baby is showing on the screen of your device which is adorable. 

Learn More About Pregnancy Weight Gain

Bottom Line

Weight gain pregnancy tracker apps are great for you to track your weight gain, baby’s kicks and growth, contractions and many other things. Depending on the app’s options, you can find many good articles about wellness and health during pregnancy, also about some exercises that are safe to do.

 Some of them provide you yoga lessons. Yoga is highly recommended to practice during pregnancy because stretching your body can make your labor easier. 

All in all, weight gain pregnancy tracker apps are super funny and interesting applications that you should download. Many new things can be learned from these apps. 

But you need to know that the app cannot be your guide through the pregnancy. Firstly, you need to listen to the doctor’s advice and have regular checkups.

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