What Drinks Make You Lose Weight Fast?

Weight loss makes a significant difference to your health. Research shows extra weight promotes diseases, including Type-2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, and many more. Losing your excess weight not only provides you a fit figure but also prevents the risk of many diseases. In addition, a perfect diet makes it two times easier to lose weight. That’s Where What Drinks Make You Lose Weight helps you.

Along with exercising regularly and eating healthy food, some drinks are highly beneficial to lose weight. We all know drinks keep us hydrated and boost our metabolism. However, in terms of losing weight, not all the drinks are adequate.

Some of the glasses, including Soda, Cola, and Fruit Juice, add a vast amount of extra calories. This leads your body to gain excess weight. While all these sugar-coated beverages are a must to avoid, we present you with some of the weight loss-friendly drinks. 

11 Best Weight Loss Drinks

To make your weight loss journey healthier and less challenging here, we highlight some What Drinks Make You Lose Weight that keeps your body fresh. All these drinks are high in nutrition value and taste luscious. Avoid high-calorie drinks and add water, green tea, coffee, protein shake, apple cider vinegar, lemon ginger water to your diet. 

1. Water

You definitely know, water is a must to keep your body hydrated throughout the whole day. Besides, water promotes the proper functionality of the Liver and Kidney. Digesting water helps to burn calories, while drinking water adds zero-calorie to your body.

Research shows that drinking water can support digestion by up to 24-30% over a time of 60 min. Additionally, drinking water encourages you to eat fewer calories, and that’s how you end up losing extra weight. Remind yourself to drink a glass of water half an hour before taking a meal.

This way, you lose weight besides taking care of your inner organs. That’s why water is essential for What Drinks Make You Lose Weight.

2. Green Tea

Drinking green tea instead of high-calorie Juice and other beverages prevents you from gaining hundreds of calories a day. Green tea is healthy and provides you great refreshments. It is pretty easy and takes only 5 minutes to make a perfect cup of green tea. All you have to do is put a tea bag inside a cup and pour boiled water over it. Let the tea bag pervade for a couple of minutes.

You can hold for a little longer if you like a more pungent taste. Then, remove the teabag and enjoy your healthy drink. Green tea is enriched with caffeine and antioxidant. Caffeine improves calorie burning while antioxidant boosts metabolism that enhances the breakdown of fat.  

Green Tea is the second option to what drinks make you lose weight.

3. Lemon Ginger Water 

What Drinks Make You Lose Weight 1

Being high in antioxidants, Ginger works as a metabolism booster. According to research, Ginger keeps people fuller for longer and improves digestion. Besides, Ginger contains anti-inflammatory properties.

Ginger is good for burning belly fat. Although lemon serves no purpose in losing weight, lemon is high in Vitamin C and adds flavor to the drinks. Squeeze lemon into your ginger water and mix it well. The ginger water helps you to lose weight, while the lemon makes the drink flavorful. Drink lemon ginger water 2 to 3 times a day. 

Lemon Ginger Water is the third option to what drinks make you lose weight.

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4. Fennel Water 

The seeds of fennel are enriched with vitamins and Minerals. Fennel is highly beneficial to improve digestion and boost metabolism. It contains antibacterial properties that make the food process easier. Fennel reduces hunger and keeps you full for a longer time. It is also known as a natural detoxifier.

Firstly, boil 1 liter of fresh water. Then, add two tablespoons of Fennel seeds and let it boil for 10 min. Let it cool down for a while. You can add honey or lemon to add some flavor to it. Drink the fennel water 2 to 3 times a day, and hopefully, you will get a good result. 

Fennel Water is another answer to what drinks make you lose weight.

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5. Coffee

May it be with breakfast or with evening snacks. Coffee is what everyone loves. High in caffeine Coffee contains metabolism boosters including Theobromine and Theophylline. In addition, caffeine increases fat breakdown and helps your body to lose weight.

A cup of Coffee includes 95 mg of caffeine. As a result, Coffee keeps you active and fresh throughout the whole day. Black Coffee is an excellent fat burner that boosts your metabolism by up to 50%. Mix 1 tablespoon of ground coffee powder with half a tablespoon of cocoa and ground flaxseed in hot water. Drinking Coffee in the morning helps you lose weight. 

Coffee is the fifth option to what drinks make you lose weight.

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6. Black Tea

Same as green tea, Black tea contains caffeine that boosts the metabolism and enhances fat breakdown. In addition, black tea is enriched with nutrients and antioxidants that improve digestion. According to research, Black tea is great for burning belly fat.

Regular consumption of black tea, along with proper diet and exercise, may provide you a flat belly. It is one of the most common drinks for weight loss. To make a perfect cup of black tea weight loss-friendly, put a teabag in a cup. Fill the cup with hot water. Leave the teabag inside of the water for a while. Take it out, and you are good to sip your drink. Drink Black tea twice a day. 

Black Tea is another answer to what drinks make you lose weight.

7. Apple Cider Vinegar

What Drinks Make You Lose Weight 2

Being a low-calorie drink, Apple Cider Vinegar enhances weight loss. It contains Acetic Acid, which improves metabolism and reduces cravings. Along with Apple cider vinegar, the glasses stay on your stomach for a longer time and make you feel fuller.

That’s how it influences you to eat less and burns your extra fat. Add a few spoons of Apple cider vinegar to your drinks and mix them well. That’s all it takes to make a weight loss-friendly drink. On a short note, be careful as the drink’s acidic properties may harm your oral health.

Apple Cider Vinegar is another option to what drinks make you lose weight.

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8. Vegetable Juice 

Unlike fruit juice, vegetable juices are low in calories and help you lose your extra weight. Vegetables are high in fiber and contain vitamins and other nutrients. It satisfies your hunger and makes you fuller for a long time. Vegetable Juice including, Carrot Juice, Cucumber Juice, Karela Juice, is an excellent fat burner.

It helps you to eat fewer carbs and consume more veggies. You can blend the particular vegetable you want to make Juice of. Besides, you can add other ingredients to increase the taste value. For better results, drink the veggie juice on an empty stomach. 

Vegetable Juice is another option to what drinks make you lose weight.

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9. Protein Shakes 

You don’t need to think about what drinks make you lose weight anymore. With protein shakes, you can consume more protein and lose more weight. Protein shakes satisfy your stomach and keeps you full longer. It decreases your hunger and burns more calories. Protein shakes are low in calories and make your weight loss enjoyable.

Choose a protein powder according to your digestive requirements. Mix protein powder with water. Use a shaker bottle for lump-free protein shakes. Drink protein shakes every morning. Protein shakes and maintaining a healthy diet, and regular exercise is perfect combinations to lose weight quickly. 

Protein Shakes can be another amazing option to what drinks make you lose weight.

10. Cumin Tea

Tea, along with Cumin, helps your body to exercise safely. Cumin is enriched with antioxidants and boosts metabolism. It works as a wonder to relieve acidity and bloat. Besides providing relief to your body, Cumin performs to improve digestion.

Additionally, Cumin keeps you refreshing and supports lowering your blood sugar. Add half a tablespoon of Cumin to a full cup of tea. Mix it well, and your healthy and flavorful tea is ready. Drink cumin tea 2 to 3 times a day to get a decent result. So, protein shakes are another answer to the question of what drinks make you lose weight.

Cumin Tea is the tenth option to what drinks make you lose weight.

11. Ajwain Water 

Ajwain Water

More research is needed to confirm the direct role of Ajwain water in weight loss though it improves digestion. Ajwain water contains Iodine, Phosphorus, and Calcium. Therefore, it boosts your metabolism and makes your stomach full.

Take 30 grams of AJwain and let them soak in water overnight. Then, drink the water early in the morning on an empty stomach. To add some flavor to the drink, you can add honey or lemon to it. 

Ajwain Water is the last option to what drinks make you lose weight question.

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Final Words

Losing weight is not an overnight thing. It takes a perfect diet and regular exercise to burn the extra fat from your body. Some foods and drinks provide us hundreds of extra calories. That makes us gain a lot of weight.

Being overweight can lead to serious health issues, including heart diseases and high blood pressure. Besides, having extra fat may affect your confidence. To have a healthy body and mind, being in shape is a must, and What Drinks Make You Lose Weight is the best option.

Ensure to add the low-calorie drinks to your diet list and avoid the high-calorie ones. All these drinks provide more nutrition to your body and help to reach your weight loss goals quickly.

Besides containing high nutrients, the drinks come in a rich taste that makes your weight loss journey more enjoyable. Last but not least, ensure to have the drinks maintaining regularity.

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