What is Considered Rapid Weight Gain And Why It Is Bad?

Have you undergone rapid weight gain? Then it is vital to deep dive and analyzes the facts. It can assist you to figure out the reasons that led you towards rapid weight gain and then take proper steps to overcome the adverse outcomes produced with it. 

What is rapid weight gain? 

First thing, you need to understand what is considered rapid weight gain. Rapid weight gain is where you will increase your body weight significantly within a short time. This short period is usually a few days to a few weeks. 

You will also have to feel some noticeable symptoms when you are going through rapid weight gain. One of the most apparent symptoms out of them is abdominal discomfort. In addition to that, you will have to feel sensations of bloating as well.

If you can experience swelling in the extremities and the abdomen area, you need to understand that you have become a victim of rapid weight gain. You will feel this swelling in your hands, feet, and arms. 

In some of the instances, rapid weight gain can create stretch marks on the thighs and abdomen. Likewise, you will also have to experience swelling or puffiness in the face, as well. You might be underweight but rapid weight gain can be harmful.

What are the prominent causes behind rapid weight gain? 

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Now you have a clear understanding of what is considered rapid weight gain. While keeping that in mind, you should also take a look at the prominent causes, which can lead people towards rapid weight gain. 

In most cases, your endocrine system can lead you towards rapid weight gain. A series of glands form The endocrine systems. This system is producing hormones, which are vital for a variety of functions within your body. For example, these hormones regulate your growth, metabolism, and contribute to the development of the body. The opposite may happen also where you do not gain weight at all.

The endocrine system is directly responsible for managing and regulating all the reproductive related functions that take place in the body. In other words, the endocrine system handles the menstrual cycle and pregnancy in women. During pregnancy, women will have to experience rapid weight gain.

That’s where the endocrine system plays a significant role. It would put extra weight around the belly area and enlarge the uterus. It will increase the supply of blood as well. It is entirely natural for you to experience a reduction in estrogen levels during menopause. It can also create extra layers of fat within your hips and abdomen area. In other words, this is another culprit behind rapid weight gain.

Likewise, your endocrine system is responsible for the proper regulation of the thyroid gland as well. As you already know, the thyroid gland plays a vital role in producing hormones, which provide an opportunity for your body to go ahead and burn calories. When there is a dysfunction within the thyroid gland, you will have to experience erratic weight gain. 


Metabolic reasons can also lead people toward uncontrolled weight gain. The endocrine system in your body is responsible for controlling insulin levels, as well. When you are affected with a health condition such as diabetes, there would be dysfunction in overall control of insulin levels.

Due to the same reason, you will have elevated levels of glucose within the blood. Uncontrolled rapid weight gain is one of the most common signs associated with diabetes, other symptoms such as thirst, and increased urinary frequency are also present. 

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From numerous research in the past, we can see that sleep deprivation can lead people to uncontrolled weight gain. If you are not getting enough sleep per night, you will have to pay extra attention to this fact.

People in current times have tight schedules. As a result, they have lots of work to be done within a short time. It can often lead them to sleep apnea. 

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When you continue not getting a good sleep at night for an extended duration of time, you will have to experience uncontrolled weight gain. It is another natural phenomenon that can happen within your body.

That’s because there is a strong relationship between your sleep and metabolic disturbance. When you are not getting good sleep, your metabolism will be erratic. As a result, you will consume more foods so that you can maintain energy levels and keep on working. It can get in more calories to your body, and you will eventually become a victim of uncontrolled weight gain.

Some of the health conditions that people get can lead them towards rapid and uncontrolled weight gain as well. Acute kidney injury is a perfect example of such a health condition. Severe kidney injury takes place when there is a failure in your kidneys.

It will not always happen due to a physical injury. Kidneys are in a position to filter out waste from your blood. When your kidneys are injured, you will not be able to filter out waste from the blood — resulting in a variety of toxins and infections in the body. It can lead you towards rapid weight gain. 

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Acute kidney injury is a serious condition. You need to seek immediate medical assistance when you experience it. Then you will be able to overcome the frustrating health consequences that you will come across. 

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Find out Your Cause:

What is considered rapid weight gain? Of course, if you just gained 5 lbs in a week, you will be thinking the cause for that. Well, weight gain is a common feature of the human body. But rapid weight gain could be alarming. There can be some health issue cause weight gain. Finding out your cause can enable you to balance your health or take the necessary steps to cure the issue. Rapid weight gain is a symptom of a bad health condition or a poor habit. Some common practices and issues that can cause rapid weight gain:

  1. Eating more than your routine
  2. Menstrual issues
  3. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
  4. Medication
  5. Sleeping less than the requirement
  6. Smoking cigarettes no more
  7. Heart issues

Besides, every issue or change in habit can affect your weight. What is considered rapid weight gain is not limited to a change of habits. It includes a wide range of diseases and health issues.

2 Best Solutions for Rapid Weight gain

1. Try Changing Food Habits and Lifestyle:

Changing lifestyle and habits can help stop rapid weight gain. The common cause is a change in habit. And that is frequently addressed all over the developed countries. Especially among teens and young adults. The eating habit changes as a part of leisure of enjoyment. But they do not realize that their eating habit can cause a lot of trouble.

When looking for an answer to what is considered rapid weight gain, you need to adopt two major practices. First that you should take exercise. Exercises can help a person to increase the metabolism and shape up the body. Along with that, quality exercises can help you improve your lifestyle. One can address the repaid weight gain issue with exercises. Further, we should make exercises a part of our routine even if we do not have weight gain issues.

The next major practice is to change your habit. Most of the people who are attracted to movies and theater catch in eating habits. They put their eyes on the screen and hand in the bag. That does not allow them to understand how much they have taken. Additionally, some people change their eating habits during the holiday season. Especially the holidays where there is too much delicious food. Well, eating is not a bad thing at all. But unhealthy heating, such as taking junk food, can double the weight in no time. Simply replace the snacks. Instead of taking junk food, take a healthy snack. That will help you gain healthy weight that you can utilize with your exercises.

2. When to Visit the Doctor?

You should visit the doctor if the reasons for rapid weight gain are unsure. Certainly, by then you should be aware of what is considered rapid weight gain. But if you are unable to find any common reasons, then that is something your doctor can tell. Some health issues have various other signs along with weight gain. Such as in polycystic ovary syndrome the periods are irregular and acne begins to appear on the skin. Weight gain and especially rapid weight gain is one of the symptoms in PCOS. But it has various other symptoms as well.

Besides, some health issues do not have any other symptoms other than weight. Even if you try to engage a healthy routine and improve lifestyle, the effects are minimal. Such as insomnia, a state in which people cannot sleep properly. Well, the only symptom that comes up is rapid weight gain. And even most of the contenders try to reduce the weight with a healthy diet. But they are less able to do so. Because the body is not in the mood of taking any further commands. Some patients of insomnia even suffer headaches. But this is not a common symptom.

Well, if a person suffering from insomnia is unable to sleep well and for the required length, he should visit the doctor. Similarly, there are a lot of health issues for which a person should visit a doctor. And the repaid weight gain just works as the indicator telling there is something wrong.

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What is considered Rapid Weight gain FAQs:

Is rapid weight gain always indication of a problem?

Most of the times, it is. Because rapid weight gain can be the result of some underlying disease such as insomnia, water retention, hyperthyroidism, anemia etc. But it can also be due to menstruation which is quite normal and is easily put off and not dangerous.

I have insomnia but it is increasing my weight, should I see a doctor?

Insomnia can lead to further issues that can be dangerous so yes, you should see a doctor. But weight gain due to insomnia is quite normal. Because it increases your appetite and you start to eat more leading to weight gain.

What are the other symptoms of kidney injury?

There are many symptoms including swelling in legs, ankles and around the eyes, less urine passing during urination, fatigue, lethargy and even loss of appetite etc.

10 Pounds in 2 weeks is normal?

Gaining or losing almost 10 pounds in a couple of weeks is not normal. This can happen because of a change in lifestyle as well as a health issue. Such as people who follow the Keto diet for long and immediately switch back to the normal plan face rapid weight gain. As that is the water weight that stores in the body.

can I prevent rapid weight gain?

You can prevent rapid weight gain. A healthy change in lifestyle can help you stop gaining weight. Such as replacing junk snacks with healthy snacks can help balance weight gain. Also adding in exercises can protect you from gaining excessive weight.

Rapid weight gain for underweight is positive?

Rapid weight gain is not positive or good for anyone. Even it is not positive for the underweight person. What is considered rapid weight gain could be a severe health issue. Rapid weight gain, in that case, might be acting as a symptom. In that very situation visit a doctor.

Is rapid weight gain treatable?

Rapid weight gain is treatable. The treatment depends on what is considered rapid weight gain. If that is because of a change in eating routine and living standards. Then adopting healthy habits can help control rapid weight gain. But if it is a health issue, medical treatment can help address the problem.

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Final Words On  what is considered rapid weight gain

As you can see, several reasons can lead you toward what is considered rapid weight gain. It would help if you were mindful of these reasons. Then you can counteract accordingly to these when you encounter them. Make sure that you don’t run into any frustrating outcomes in the long run.

It will assist you to keep the peace of mind in the long term as well. That’s because you will be able to overcome the adverse effects that rapid weight gain can create. 

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