Top 3 Health Tips For Weight Gain

Health Tips For Weight Gain

Understanding Health Tips For Weight Gain That Makes The Difference

To many, gaining weight is a rather strange idea, with the craze of the 21st century where everyone, even when not necessary, thinks of losing more weight. The general concept given by the social world is ‘the slimmer, the finer,’ and many tend to go with the tide. Well, for those who successfully broken from that tide. Or who kept a different idea for the world of what is excellent and what is not, read on to find out about Health Tips For Weight Gain.

Do you feel too skinny? Or do you need more muscle build? Are you perchance recovering from some sickness that might have gotten you too underweight? Well, whatever your reasons might be, you are in the right place if you wish to know more about Health Tips For Weight Gain.

Benefits Of Gaining Weight

Adding weight doesn’t mean being unhealthy. If anything, it can be excellent for you to keep a moderate weight. Being not too slim or too fat can have its advantages, you tend to feel more comfortable and confident, clothes honestly look better on those with average body size than on those too skinny or too big. For men, having more weight and muscles can give you quite an attractive look. For women who seek that figure 8 shape, you tend to see more of that figure when you have more meat in your body. Generally, having a moderate body size makes you feel and look happier and healthier.

Effective Health Tips For Weight Gain

It can be very frustrating to be trying to put on weight, but you always end up with the exact opposite. If that seems to be your case, then you are doing something wrong. Here are some tips that might tell you what you are doing wrong and maybe help you achieve your goal while staying healthy.

1. Eat

The most important Health Tips For Weight when thinking of adding weight is to eat a lot. Naturally, as active humans, we tend to burn a lot of calories. There are too many situations that cause us to either lose weight or ensure we don’t gain at all, from rushing to work to getting too swamped to remember to eat. Whatever the case, you need to put yourself on a strict diet of eating more calories than your body can burn out a day. 

Things To Eat:

  • Concentrate more on foods highly filled with calories; they should be your best friend.
  • Eat more carbohydrate-based meals like bread, rice, yam. 
  • Eat proteins, like whole milk, egg, cheese, 
  • Go with foods that have a little more grease on them like fried meat, potatoes, barbecue. 
  • Don’t leave out seafood, like salmon and tuna. 
  • Ensure that you eat as regularly as you can and when you do avoid foods that encourage weight loss. 

Things Not To Eat

  • Keep away from slim teas or healthy teas of all kinds
  • Generally, avoid liquids that do not state calories included.
  • Do not drink lots of water before a meal, take more milk or fruit juice 
  • Keep away from highly water-dense fruits like cucumber 
  • Stay clear of citrus fruits of all kinds.
  • Keep away from rational food portions, ‘the more, the better’ should be your motto

2. Snacks

Snacking is an excellent way to ensure you put on weight, especially if you are still having difficulties eating so much at a time. Consider having little snacks with you wherever you go. As much as you need to stay healthy and gain weight. Junk food is always a good source of calories. Try keeping a little bag of chips in your purse or some biscuits or cookies, eat some chocolates or snacks at random. Just keep in mind that you need to do it in moderation so you don’t become overweight. Remember this is one of the most important Health Tips For Weight Gain.

When you require a healthier option, go with fruits. Fruits are a healthy source of calories. Try bananas, avocados, mangos, coconuts, pineapples, pears, peaches, and berries of all kinds. These have an excellent source of healthy calories, which can be an excellent option for weight gain. 

I suggest that you set out a few days which you can snack on junk and a few which you choose fruits. This way, you also cut down on the cost of purchasing expensive fruits daily. 

3. Rest

One can follow every rule in the book to achieve weight gain, but when you never give yourself rest, all effort will be lost. Stress is a foe in your fight to gain weight, and you need to avoid it significantly. Ensure that you rest as much as possible. Get lots of sleep, not just at night, but even in your spare time during the day. Quick naps can be very rejuvenating to the body and can encourage weight gain. 

Even if you cannot always take naps, opt for regular relaxation time over not so essential outings. When you do this, keep some snacks near you or a drink. This way, you are taking up two weight gaining activities at a time. Always choose less strenuous tasks, want to sit than stand, reduce the need to walk a relatively long distance still overtaking a cab, reduce the need to run to meet up with activities.

This doesn’t mean that you’d become lazy; you need to be a lot less active physically. Also note that emotional stress can be a hindrance to weight gain so, try always to be happy or better still stay away from things that can make you sad or depressed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Target For Healthy Weight Gain Fat Or Muscle Growth?

For a healthy weight gain, you must target the muscle growth instead of fat gain. Because building muscle not only helps you gain weight but also gives strength to your body. Whereas, increasing too much fat in your body can lead to other problems including heart risks and other chronic diseases

How Much Should I Increase My Daily Calorie Intake?

Increasing the calorie intake of about 300-500 calories more than you burn can cause a slow weight gain. While taking in about 700-1000 calories more than you burn a day can trigger a fast weight gain

Which Are The Best And Healthy Snacks?

Natural and organic foods are the best snacks for healthy weight gain. These include whole grains, cereals, among vegetables and fruits, apples, berries, carrots and potatoes whereas bananas are unparalleled. Nuts are also a very good choice.

What Kinds Of Exercise Should I Do To Enhance My Weight Gain?

Strength training helps you to build muscle and thus enhance the weight gain process. Exercises including bench press, push-ups, pull-ups, squats and lunges etc. are best for gaining muscle which promotes a healthy weight gain.

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Things To Keep In Mind

In the end, your determination is the driving factor for your success. We have provided you with Health Tips For Weight Gain, rest is up to you. Weight gain can be very fun and enjoyable if you do it right, and because it can take a while to get to your desired size, you will be able to eat all you want and crave for as long as need be at the end you get the benefits of looking better.

Also, remember that if you feel too bloated at any point, you can slow down your calorie intake a bit until you think its right to go all out again. Just ensure that you don’t stop eating, snacking, and resting.

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