Cheap Bulking Meal Plan Under $100

bulking meal plan

The Best Cheap Bulking Meal Plan

Gaining weight is an essential thing in many cases. At the same time, it is important to maintain weight than to gain weight and that’s why the Cheap bulking meal plan is for you. Gaining weight is a target for the people who are in the range of underweight category. In the same way as obesity, it can affect the physical condition of personnel causing different difficulties. The difficulties can be seen in the form of irregular blood pressure, heart failure, kidney and liver problems. 

If you are trying to increase your weight count, which way you are following is a serious concern. It is very important to follow a safe and healthier way when you are trying to gain weight. Otherwise, the result can be the opposite. Rushing while you are maintaining a weight-gaining diet can have different effects on your physical conditions. So, it is essential to follow a regular strict routine and diet plan when you are trying to increase your weight. 

 Best Tips For The Cheap Bulking Meal Plan 

Bulking means giving more ingredients to your body than its necessary. If you do so, the body will get more calories than its needs. The extra calories will deposit in your system, and later it will help you to gain weight. Also, by lifting weights and involving yourself in exercise, you can build up some abs and muscle during the period. 

Bulking has no particular time limit, but you shouldn’t do it for more than a month. The diet for the Cheap bulking meal plan adds fleshy foods like meat, poultry, and fish. Also, consuming dairy products, grains, loaves of bread, cereals has been effective. But you should avoid rich foods from restaurants, deep-fried foods, added sugar and salt, and alcohol.

 1. Give Priority To Micronutrients And Calories.

Micronutrients are one of the most valuable elements of our food habits. Mainly, micronutrients are vitamins and minerals. When one is trying to gain weight, he is thinking about the growth of his body muscles. If one wants his body muscles to grow, he has to create an environment in his body system, which will help it. This environment involves a proper fluid balance in his body. Also, he will need proper bone growth along with his body. 

Further, the digestive system needs to function properly, and the body metabolism and immune system need to improve. All of these are impossible without micronutrients. They help to increase the blood count of the body and convert the nutrients into energy. 

On the other hand, the calorie count is very important to keep the bulking process going on. You have to calculate how many calories you need and provide your body with more than that.

 2. Do Not Dirty Bulk  

Dirty bulk means bulking without any planning and having a diet in a harmful way. It may result in obesity in the long run. Sometimes people are in a rush to gain weight. Because of that, they take foods with much more calories. But it is of no good result. Dirty bulking is a much faster process than clean bulking.

You don’t have to go through a routine and controlled diet or exercise. Al you have to do is eat, eat and eat. You will eat high-calorie, deep-fried, and junk foods and start to gain weight in a few days. But this weight will be a burden to the individuals in a few days. All that an individual will have in his body is a lot of fats, which is not healthy.

3. Limit Eating At The Restaurant

When you are on a particular diet, you have to avoid eating outside as much as possible. Especially when it is a cheap bulking plan you are following. There are certain reasons for it. Firstly, when you are at a restaurant, they will not allow you to visit the kitchen. So, you will not be able to know what you are being served. 

You can’t control the food ingredients. You can’t change the recipe just for you. They don’t care whether you are on a diet or not. On the other hand, the restaurant is the place that makes money out of selling foods to you. Whatever you are paying for a lavish dish, it is much higher than what it takes to prepare the dish. So, if you are continuously eating in a restaurant, your meal won’t be cheap anymore. This habit is a barrier to a cheap meal.

4. Have Ready To Go Meals

Ready-to-go meals are those meals that you can eat without any hustle to prepare. You may eat them as they are or with very little preparation. It is great that you can have them while working, on the go, or on a journey. Plus, these foods are that, as they don’t face heavy cooking, they don’t lose their food value. They are very much affordable. So, they will help you to maintain the cost efficiency of your diet. 

They will also save you time. But it’s also better to avoid taking ready-to-go meals regularly because they have some disadvantages too. These foods are higher in salts or sugar. Most importantly, they don’t fit much in a healthy diet.

 5.Do Not Eat Excessive Protein.

When we are looking forward to gaining weight, we are mainly focusing on growing our muscles. Here comes the funniest part. As muscles refer to proteins, some people think that keeping excessive proteins in their diet will improve their muscles. As meats form muscle, so the meat they are eating will be stored as muscles. But it’s not true at all. The reality of the digestive system is something else. The extra protein that we take, in the deposition process, turns into fat. 

As a result, eating excessive protein will add fat to your body, which we have been trying to avoid from the beginning. Too much of anything is bad. Also, eating a higher amount of protein will cause a malfunction in your digestive system. It will harm your kidneys also. So, you shouldn’t want to eat excessive protein to gain weight.

 6. Help Yourself With Healthy Fats.

 When the question comes about having fats in the diet, many people don’t have the proper knowledge about it. Some people take fats without any choices, and some people blindly avoid fats. That’s not right. You have to know your food value. Good value foods have every nutrient that we need, and fat is also one of them. Fat is very important for us. 

We need fat for body functioning and to absorb the micronutrients we are having. But fat is of a different kind. Saturated fat is not very good for us and harmful indeed. These fats remain in solid form at room temperature. These are tough to digest and cause blood pressure problems.

On the other hand, unsaturated fat is very good, and they are easy to digest. They are called healthy fats and sometimes occur in solid foods. Avocados, different vegetable oils and seeds, nuts, and fatty fishes contain unsaturated fats that make your diet better.

7. Buy In Bulk Or Sales.

 While you are trying to find a cheap diet plan that will help you gain weight, it’s not an easy task. To increase your weight healthily, you have to take foods with higher food value. If you go to the market, these foods will carry higher prices. So, this management is not easy. In this case, to keep your shopping within your budget, you may look for different sales in the market. 

Also, you can buy it in bulk. Buying in bulk will save you money per unit. The salesman wants to make profits per sale. So when you are buying in bulk, he will tend to reduce his profit per unit, saving you money. Also, it reduces waste. On the other hand, in sales, the seller wants to empty their seasonal stocks, and to do that, they reduce their profit. So, if you look out for sales, you may find some cheap and quality food for your diet to gain weight.

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2500 Calories Meal Plan

 4000 Calories Meal Plan Under 100$

Here is a grocery list of 4000 calories meal plan that will help you gain weight, and it will be well under 10$. The following grocery list is a Cheap Bulking Meal Plan, which focuses on serving 10 days. However, the total shopping will last 1-2 days more than that if the person maintains 4000 calories per day strictly. Otherwise, the listing will serve around 4200 to 4300 calories per day. The following table resembles the list. The total calorie listing is also given below in the table. ( Amount of calorie is equivalent to the amount given in the listing)              

Item NameAmountPrice in USDTotal Amount of Calorie Present (approx.)
Red Apples1kg1.35520
Peanut Butter1 cup (250gm)1.391470
Fruit  jelly500gm1.2908
Almonds1.5kg           8.108685
Eggs2 Dozen         4.03720  
Whole white bread3 loafs7.60480
Wheat Crackers500gm3.002500
Olive oil                     400gm11.003536
Mayo reduced fat            1kg2.492800
Dill Relish                       500g3.28                  900
Tuna in water1.5kg                 6.021862
Unsweetened almond/ Coconut Milk’s  1.5 liter8.6664
Chicken Breast2lb9.51422
Low-fat Cottage cheese       1lb3.49413
4% Cottage Cheese          8oz1.75221
Milk1 gallon              3.5  1652
Water2Gallon                                    1.90

This list provides us grocery shopping for ten days, which costs us a total of 96.96 USD. That is lower than 10$ per day. Also, in total, this list gives an individual a total of 44409 calories in 10 days. That is 4440 calories per day. Now, when going through this diet, he will take this item and eat them in a combination that he likes most. It is also possible for him to eat up this food for 11 days if he wants. That will maintain the 4000 calories per day routine, and the average cost per day will be 8.81$ per day.

Final Words

It is a job of patience if one wants to gain weight. You can’t do it in a blink of an eye. One wants to gain weight to improve his health and mental conditions. For that, he has to work hard. One achieves this goal with dirty bulking, but that’s not a good thing. This may result in obesity and can worsen the physical condition of an individual. So, there is no rush. One can gradually achieve his goal and ensure the betterment of his health with a Cheap Bulking Meal Plan.

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