6 Best Ways How To Get Fat On Face

How To Get Fat On Face

How To Get Fat On Face Faster?

Chubby cheeks and rounded faces give a youthful look while sunken cheeks indicate ill health. If you want to know how to get fat on face or increase the fat percentage on your face then you have many options.

There is much cosmetic procedure such as fat transfer surgery or undergoing an injection procedure. There are many ways in which you can increase your face fat naturally. You can perform some face exercise which helps you in gaining fat on your face.

There are many natural ingredients that you can eat or apply to your face to gain fat. We will discuss more face fat in the below article. Water can help a person to stay hydrated but also it helps individual skin to look youthful. Before trying any of the things we are going to discuss you should check with your doctor and make sure it is safe for your skin or not.

6 Tips For How To Get Fat On Face

1. Food That Makes Your Face Fat

You can eat nutrient-rich food that contains healthy fat and protein. Some high calories food may help a person gain weight and make your face chubbier. Some foods which might help in gaining face fat are the following:

Seeds And Nuts

These vegetarian sources are high in calories and also provides high vitamins and minerals and healthy fatty acid which helps you in gaining weight.


It is a great source of calcium and lean protein that helps your face to look fat. It is also rich in healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals.

Fatty Fish

Fish contains a good amount of omega 3 and healthy fat which provide good calories to your body.

2. Increase Caloric Intake

You should eat healthy caloric food to increase the fat percentage on your face. You should avoid junk foods and saturated fat foods. Do not forget to add water to your diet as water eliminates toxins from your body. Drinking water makes you healthy while eating less and gains volume on your cheeks.

The most common question people ask is how to get fat on face. But the answer is really simple you need to perform some facial exercise for at least 30 seconds by exerting pressure with your cheeks swollen with air.

3. Eat Healthy Caloric Foods

You can add healthy food that contains carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats and void consuming saturated fats and fried food. Eating good quality food will help you to hit your normal caloric intake without getting fat. You can also add flaxseed oil to your food which makes your face fuller and chubby.

You should strictly avoid junk foods such as burgers or pizzas unless you want to gain weight. Remember this will lead to cholesterol and many other heart-related problems. You can also try to get fat in a week to help you get fat in the face and look chubbier.

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4. Increase Your Cortisol Production

By reading this word cortisol you were wondering what it means? It is a kind of hormone which release into your body when you feel tired and it allows you to regain energy temporarily. If you want to increase the production of cortisol in your body then you have to exercise regularly. Study shows that 30 minutes of running will good amount of cortisol in the human body.

How to get fat on face is a very easy thing but exercising regularly and maintaining weight is not so easy. You should keep your body active most of the time.

5. Drink Plenty Of Water

The human body contains 75% of water and it is as important as food for a human body. Water helps in eliminating toxins from your body and keeps your body hydrated all the time. It is advisable to drink 3 liters of water every single day to stay hydrated. When you increase caloric intake then you also need to increase your water content otherwise you can face many health-related problems.

Drinking water helps you to stay healthy while eating more to gain fat on your face and make your face chubbier and fattier.

6. Perform Facial Exercises

Facial exercises are the perfect answer for how to get fat on face questions. If you perform some facial exercise on your cheeks and jaws then it does not look sunken. You first need to take a deep breath and hold it inside your mouth for 30 seconds. Exert some pressure on the cheeks with the air inside your mouth. This will help your face muscle to expand a bit and help you to improve your cheeks so they do not look sunken.

There are many exercises for jawline as well by which you can have a perfect jawline which makes your face chubby.

FAQs On How To Get Fat On Face?

What Causes Face Fat?

Excess face fat occurs from excess weight gain which results from a poor diet and lack of exercise. Fats are more visible in the cheeks, under the chin, and neck. It occurs when extra fat deposit around the side and it cause a rounder and fuller face. It is also caused by a higher fat percentage in your body.

The face can appear puffier when the masseter muscle between the jaw and cheeks is overdeveloped. Weight gain in the face is caused because of overall weight gain in your body. So, if you want to lose fat from your face then you have to lose fat from your overall body. 

How Do I Stop Losing Weight On My Face?

You can make your face fat more proper by exercising your facial muscles. If you eat junk food such as burgers and pizzas then you end up gaining weight which is unhealthy for your body. But if you eat healthy food and start consuming carbohydrates, lean protein, and healthy fats then you end up getting good fats on your face.

Drinking water is equally important as it helps your body to remove toxins from your body and keep your body hydrated. There are many facial exercises also which you can perform to give a good shape to your face.

How Do I Add Volume To My Face?

You can make your face wider and more circular by performing some exercise. The study suggested that 20 weeks of regular face yoga can help to increase the volume of the face.

You can also add volume to your face by eating healthy and by drinking 3 liters of water daily. How to get fat on face can really give the answer to your question. You just need to perform the exercise and eat healthily.

Do Facial Exercises Work?

Yes, facial exercise works. It depends from person to person. Some people start getting results in just 2 months whereas some will get in 4 months. The only criteria are to perform the exercise regularly 5 times a day for at least 30 minutes.

Facial exercise helps you to tear face fibers and replace them with new one. New muscles which are finer replace the broken muscles. This way you will get a lean muscle mass on your face. But you need to understand that only facial exercise won’t help you need to eat healthy as well and drink as much water as you can.

How Long Do Facial Exercises Take To Work?

It is observed that if a person performs facial exercise regularly for 20 to 30 minutes then it may take 4 weeks to show up the result. It is advisable to consult your doctor before starting with facial exercise because it won’t work for everyone.

Muscles in the face are finer than the muscle in the rest of the body so they recover faster than the rest of the body. You also have to take 2 days to break for muscle recovery otherwise you end up gaining fat and no muscle. So, go easy with your facial exercise and eat healthy food which helps in muscle recovery.

Can Facial Exercises Change Face Shape?

Facial exercise is nothing but face yoga which I think you might hear earlier. Facial exercises don’t change your face shape but they can add more fat to your face. It adds some extra muscles to your face and makes your cheeks chubbier.

Scientists found out that doing 20 minutes of regular face exercise can make you look younger. Facial exercise enlarges and strengthens the facial muscles so the face becomes more toned and firmer. You will look younger and have wrinkles face.

Don’t search how to get fat on face instead try to do facial yoga and make your face look chubby and fluffy.

Final Thoughts

How to get fat on face is easier but you have to be strict with your diet and exercises which help you gaining some extra fat on your face. By exercising regularly for at least 30 minutes will help you to maintain fat on your face.

Water also makes an important role in managing fat on your face whereas good and healthy food will help you to repair muscle which you lost during the facial exercise. Many ask how to get fat on face but they don’t know the science behind it.

If you eat junk food then you end up getting more weight and it also causes many heart-related problems to your body.

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